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  1. 10th class Teaser Trailer

    This ^ On the other hand, it's nice to see Destro, FM and Lock getting new skills, especially Destro looks badass :) (Spoiler alert for those who really don't want to see ANYTHING about the future story)
  2. - First of all, the battle music is completely gone at the bosses where you have the Halloween Candy daily , e.g. Heaven's Mandate, Poh, etc... - The stage number bullet points on the gear upgrade panel have become so small that they are illegible.
  3. I'd love to see a fan fighting class for the Yun a la Kitana. Would work imo.
  4. Daily dash for Regium Corvus

    The highest roll I've got on the new daily dash so far is 3 .... So yeah .... Irritating
  5. why are moonwater tears in cash shop?

    You can buy Viridian Posion, Infernal Horns and Cinderlands Thorns in the cash shop as well. That was there before and lets be honest, those items are not exactly hard to come by, not even the Moonwater Tears these days. Pure convenience.
  6. Outfit Mail Stamp Problems

    All my hongmoon shop bought costumes are account bound now I just checked. Did I miss something ?
  7. Change Of VA? [Potential Spoilers]

    Namsoyoo has changed, too.
  8. Blade and Soul IS censored

    You might want to add a spoiler tag to this.