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  1. Loot what is that? (RNG, Lootboxes and Co.)

    Bro... Judging by this, your luck is perfectly fine. I've only seen one silverfrost pickaxe. 4 venture tokens and 2 gem hammers. I guess the case of "extremely unlucky" is a wide-spread problem. In fact, taking your playtime into account I'd say you're extremely lucky to get that much with so few play hours compared to mine. Unless you meant 15-20 hours per day on weekdays.
  2. Just met my first hacker in arena. Went down from 2025 rating to 1980 thanks to that guy. RIP my season reward. :p
  3. TL;DR except for last part -- Can say OP doesn't know what he's talking about. Git gud. /thread
  4. As much as I'd love to see marriage added to the game among other social features, I think this game's focus isn't its social aspects, sadly. No. They did not.
  5. Is anyone satisfied here?..

    I guess you haven't been to many official MMO's forums then. 90% of them are like this. All QQ nothing else. Most people who are happy with the game stay in-game, actually playing and enjoying the game.
  6. Grab an injured faction NPC, jog him/her back to base and get 5 soulstones, rinse and repeat. Literally just run back and forth. It's less risky, you know exactly what you get and can be done with very little effort.
  7. Stop pressing the LFP button, instead join or create a lobby. This way you can kick all the people who don't meet your requirements. I don't understand what's so hard about that. Stop being lazy. This whole suggestion is just asking the game to do the exact same thing just doing it for you. Just how much does NCsoft have to babysit you? Stop being babies.
  8. Losing players evry day

    Only thing I really dislike about this update is the obviously rushed voice overs.
  9. Your translation is TERRIBLE.

    You know what's even better. NPC's having two different voices. Yeah. Saw at least 2 of those already in Silverfrost Mountains. It blew my mind when the same NPC suddenly starts talking like a different person.
  10. Killtrades a sort of Exploit ?!

    I laugh at people asking for bans for kill-trading. Soo, if I go AFK with my faction outfit on in X location and someone decides to kill & resurrect me 10 times I should get banned? :3 Honestly, it's sad how western people can always think of exploiting in everything. I wouldn't mind giving 10 or 20 kills to a friend who's in the opposing faction just to help them with a quest. Just like I wouldn't mind helping them with any other quest. By these people's logic I'd probably be blamed for exploiting if I helped a lvl 10 player quest with my lvl 50 character. I mean, those quests weren't designed to be steamrolled with a lvl 50 character... Right? So it's gotta be an exploit. I rest my case.
  11. Just outrank the bots... They don't get that high up in the ranking. Lest you be bad, may the bots have mercy on you.
  12. Just waiting for the gate to open. Does anyone know what the Alpha Cat outfit looks like? Or the other costumes for that matter.
  13. Obsidian Serpent droprate...

    I farmed for the Obsidian Serpent a dozen times, didn't get it and gave up. Did it again a couple days ago and got it on first run.
  14. When I heard Junghado I instantly recognized his voice. There's no way I could ever forget Kratos Aurion's voice. Ever.
  15. Summoner VS Mushins Darkness

    Thanks for these tips. On my first try I got him down to 12k HP before enrage. After reading this guide I do it with almost a minute to spare.