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  1. Same, I do not attack unless provoked - OWPvP in this game is incredibly unbalanced - even more so as the gear/HM skills/HM level gap widens.
  2. My active friends list has been cut by 2/3d's - if people log in at all I'm pretty sure it is to spin for the DD and check for new costumes. I'm hopeful that it is not people actually quitting but simply taking a break...I think the breakneck pace of content updates+leveing event+expansion was too much for some - especially when they see the significant grind ahead for future upgrades.
  3. Items were added to the drop tables? You mean the super rare costumes? That should have zero effect on accessory drop rates. Honestly, this does not effect me at all unless I decide to actually make yet another alt a "main"... which with the ridiculous increase in grind involved in future upgrades is probably never happening. I do, however, feel bad for newer players that got caught off guard with the "Surprise, expansion in two days!" and are now stuck trying to catch up.
  4. That is a great idea! Oh wait...pirate emblems, siren emblems, etc, are Ncoin ONLY aka $$$ ONLY - Honestly the change to the drop rates and the "oops we forgot to put them in the dynamic quest boxes" looks very suspicious to me.
  5. You sound like someone who plays 12+hours a day - you do realize that is a tiny minority of players, right? With the pace at which content is being released coupled with a growing segment of the community with an elitist attitude (mostly requiring a ridiculously high AP to join any group) I don't blame people for being concerned and discouraged. It doesn't help that people can buy their way to the top (legitimately,) either.
  6. You realize the vast majority of players couldn't care less about OWPvP right? Most people would prefer to avoid it like the plague...which is why people go to the lopsided faction in order to make the forced PvP related dailies for Soulstones into as PvE as possible. IF there were an equal way to earn SS through non-flagged, pure PvE the OWPvP areas would be mostly deserted. People want stuff to upgrade their gear and gold - unbalanced (and by unbalanced I mean 6v1's and people with OP gear/skill books that can be bought with gold aka real money) OWPvP is just an annoyance.
  7. I just finished my second True Pirate Weapon - I feel it is worth it on characters you really like and plan to play @ level 50.
  8. yeah, such a terrible idea that people earn something used SOLELY FOR PvE doing PvE... I hate to break it to you but B&S is not PvP oriented - how much PvE content comes out vs PvP? Have you seen the other regions? PvE is a huge part of the game and making PvP the primary source of an item that is NOT USED in that gametype (Arena) is nonsensical. Until this changes I have no problems with bots ruining prices because of people like you.
  9. Soulstone acquisition needs to be spread out into more PvE activities and more limited from Arena until the bot situation is remedied (like a DAILY bag just like PvE folks are limited to how many SS they can get daily except world bosses that few have a chance to kill - those should be a daily box as well.)
  10. will gladly give you ~30% of the population on Poharan - way overcrowded... if I could transfer all my 45's for free I would do it in a heartbeat.
  11. The warlock training quests (Hajooonnnnn!) give more silver than the other classes, presumably something that was a holdover from other regions when Warlock was introduced @ level 50.
  12. yeah what is up with this - I really hope this is a bug and they didn't remove it with no prior warning... update: OUCH - Bad Form NcSoft https://twitter.com/Babbletr0n/status/707672300158488576
  13. explains one reason they are giving everyone a character slot for free I guess to be fair to all
  14. agreed - not real happy being locked into Jin on yet another class - they have the worst bodies and faces of all the non-Lyn female races. Pretty much impossible to not make them look Asian...no offense intended - just not my thing.
  15. If a KFM or BM can hold aggro over me, I don't taunt. If I keep pulling off them, I use cat taunt - it's that simple - at least for me. When it comes to Terrors or Blackwyrm - I never even think of hitting Q...cat usually dead anyways lol.
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