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  1. My active friends list has been cut by 2/3d's - if people log in at all I'm pretty sure it is to spin for the DD and check for new costumes. I'm hopeful that it is not people actually quitting but simply taking a break...I think the breakneck pace of content updates+leveing event+expansion was too much for some - especially when they see the significant grind ahead for future upgrades.
  2. You sound like someone who plays 12+hours a day - you do realize that is a tiny minority of players, right? With the pace at which content is being released coupled with a growing segment of the community with an elitist attitude (mostly requiring a ridiculously high AP to join any group) I don't blame people for being concerned and discouraged. It doesn't help that people can buy their way to the top (legitimately,) either.
  3. The real issue here is OWPvP in general. The vast majority of players do NOT want to engage in OWPvP - they want their faction dailies done because it is the ONLY way PvE'ers can get Soulstones outside arena...thus people are going to go to the strong side so that they can get their mandatory dailies done. The problem would be less severe if NcSoft would just give PvE players a purely PvE way of getting Soulstones...why they don't is beyond me.
  4. Just please, not like the gunner class in Tera - I actually watched a video of that class play for the first time yesterday - didn't seem to "fit" in at all with that game but whatever people enjoy I suppose...honestly, as much as I like Archer classes - I don't really think that would fit well with this game either despite their being rifles, everywhere hehe.
  5. The game is not perfect, that is for sure. The game we have is also 3 years old and missing the vast majority of the content that currently exists...that doesn't help, at all. Does it deserve those scores? No, imo it doesn't = it gets a solid 8 from me. But see that is the thing, those reviews are biased whether they claim to be objective or not because those reviewers have their own opinions too. Try it out yourself - are you having fun? Then who gives a @#$@ about what two very old, cranky gaming review sites say about the game. Do you listen to movie reviewers? They @#$@ all over fun,
  6. I agree, I like progression at end game. I wonder what the community is going to think about this "progression" once you can trade NCoin for gold? I can already see the backlash coming...I hope NCWest has a backup plan to adjust drop rates of certain items like the moonwater recipes/soulstones/gem(fragments too) - otherwise P2W is going to be screamed in the forums.
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