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  1. Server Down?

    Was about to make some sweet sweet love to piggehs at Hogshead, and DC >..<
  2. REALLY picky players

    I am using mix of blue and pruple BSH 24 Soul Shield, statted with crit as much as I could... Plus 400 evasion diamond until I can afford proper one. 34k HP at the moment. I am getting there :)
  3. REALLY picky players

    I am sitting now on 40% crit, 33% Evasion and 113% accuracy, yet my weapon is only True Profane (maxed, but still). I wouldn't dare goin to 4Man BSH, even tho Mushin 5th floor boss is no problem for me. I feel like I need that cricketing 28 diamond. Would not want to be a bother!
  4. Safe to buy NCoins now?

    I got myself 8k NCoins yesterday, had no problems at all, White Rosetta costume rules :3
  5. Fps drops in large crowds /boss fights

    Have the same issue, my computer should eat this game no problem, yet Poharan zergfest fights are terrible slideshow. Things improved somehow after I have changed compatibility settings to Windows 7 (I am on 8.1 atm), but still, optimisation in this game is terrible ^^'
  6. Things to know for new patch

    I feel jealous seeing players with almost full equi unlocked.
  7. Favorite class and why?

    I love my Elbow Smash, it's waaaay more intuitive than normal 1 second counter, and it's just gotten buffed! CD is now 0.4 seconds :) KFM for the win!
  8. Tomorrow patch =/= lvl 50 patch, level cap stays 45, Hongmoon levels are completely different matter.

    Same here, so far I have seen it only once, and that's from Daily Dash :)
  10. Hujikar weapon Breakthrough droprate

    Got mine from the first box. On the other hand, took me 45+ runs of *cricket* Tomb of Exiles to drop my gauntlet. 60+ runs to finally drop Red Mask... RNG is one hell of a drug.
  11. And then the Silver Frost Mountains Transformation Stones market starts :)
  12. Character bound clothing

    I have bought costumes before I knew they were character-bound :^( and so I need to buy new ones for my KFM...
  13. Character bound clothing

    We do not know how it stands from the NCSoft business point of view, but speaking for myself I neeeed that feature! Love costumes in this game and REALLY want to throw my money on em but having them on one char only makes my hand shake before typing in Credit Card data! FML
  14. Character bound clothing

    Yes yes yes, this needs to be implemented ASAP!