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  1. Well it is indeed Pay to Climb. There is no Win in this game.
  2. Its not a good sign when even the trailer has low FPS and stuttering animations.
  3. Hard not impossible. The basic rotation of the monkey is allways the same. You can evade all of those attacks . But it would be nice if the event got extended, I have the upgrade mileage of the stage 6 soul over 48% now
  4. Why else do you think they have uploaded the Feline Fortune Crate abomination. To force the new players to buy it so they can get the gear.
  5. Soo...Any compensation for Europe?
  6. Well if they didn't do this there would be like 1% of players able to do the new raid. Now it will be 2%
  7. Well I have some bad news for you then. Leveling doesn't stop at lvl 55
  8. I still think the weekly challenge should be for everyone and not just for 1,1k+AP players -_-
  9. This has been bugging me for a while now. Why is this guy mean to her And how can I beat him up?
  10. Crashes every time few seconds after opening crafting menu :(
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