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  1. Free Goodies for downtime

    I have been playing MMO's for quite a while. B&S is one of my all time faves. I started with the release of Ultima Online so I have been around awhile, through thick and thin of alpha, beta and actual releases. This has been a pretty good release as far as most, but still I think that because of the downtime and instability of the servers, that the Premium members should be given extended time on their subscriptions to compensate for all the down time that we have experienced. We did pay a premium for a service that we have not yet been granted so I think this is fair.
  2. Game down?

    My login screen looks all *cricket*ed up for a while then the Start Game button doesn't work :angry:
  3. Assassin bugs

    I noticed this too, so what I did was use Z to plant the bomb, tab to switch, then Z to detonate, then 1 to stealth charge then either right mouse or tab to finish. :)