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  1. yes yes i tried that idd it worked, thank you
  2. Today they didn'treset at all, my counter went back to 24h
  3. I just equipped today the hongmoon acessories, from armory chest, in the compound and the message is gone :|
  4. i keep gettin this message pop up in the middle of screen and can't get rid of it in any way, if there's any way i'd like to know https://prnt.sc/uo9ndk
  5. The bottom hongmoon coin HUD, over the xp bar, says always 0
  6. No since LOL it's not an NC game ignorant, i played GW and AION under NCSoft and they solved any issue i ever had, so shut up and go play Captain Capslock somewhere else son.
  7. Actually they care, since a mod already answered, ncsoft has the best support i've seen so far.
  8. I keep getting err 4044 from about an hour
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