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  1. For the 3rd time in 3 months when my subscription to NCsoft renewed I have had a unauthorized charge to my Debit card. It started 3 months ago after my subscription renewed. I noticed a charge for $85.77 from Solution.Cleveland US when I checked my bank account online, I called my banks fraud department to have the payment refunded and my account locked and had too obtain a new bank card from my branch. After getting a new card I entered the number with NCsoft so when my sub renewed there wouldn't be any problems. Then when my sub renewed again I had the same problem and went through the same
  2. My GF died a few months back from an condition/disease that the doctors couldn't identify ( she was sick for a long while ). I took a month off to morn and then I was just doing Primewield with my alts while deciding if I was still going to continue playing. I decided tonight to head back to the dungeons and as I said F8 is Dead.
  3. It's 10:12pm on a Saturday night and no one is in F8. No one is posting for a dungeon and when I post for one all I get is crickets. What Happened ??? Last time I was doing F8 ( about a month ago ) it was NP to find groups and now ? Really what has happened ?
  4. If you are in the US buy one from this Site https://skytechgaming.com/ Go with a Custom Build Mark 5 comp with a basic Ryzen 5 or if you have the cash the $300 one with basics for the rest of your Comp. My Friend went with just basic parts and she had NPs running the game.
  5. Hit YouTube for info about the Dungeons, it will give you all you need to be able to run through them now and with a recent update don't worry to much about the Mechs, with easy mode for dungeons worrying about mech is no longer needed since easy mode skips mech. Also hit up Primewield for Gems for your weapon and pet. Just use your acquired emblems to buy Square Weapon Gems, pet gems you will get from dropped chests while you farm.
  6. Also hit Primeweald for Gems. It's great to just Auto farm when you have something else you want to do IRL or on your comp like watching an anime or torrent. Just use your emblems for upgrading your weapon gems if needed but Don't use them for Pet Gems. You will pick up chests with pet gems just from farming. Also it's one way to do some Soul Boost quests, and doing these 2 things will up your AP
  7. My friend and I created and leveled KFM but at lvl 55 the 3rd spec didn't show up for them. I thought umm okay lets hit 60 and still no 3rd spec for them. Anyone else with this problem or knows what is going on ???
  8. Er 30 Honing Oils, forgot about sacred oils being part of the game when I posted. Sorry
  9. NCwest is going through a lot of problems from what I hear because Korea just doesn't seem to care about us over here and any problems we are having. The Moral has gone way down and yes people are quitting NCwest so please don't blame NCwest for any problems blame NCeast ( Korea ) for them. ATM NCwest can't do anything without the approval from Korea
  10. It's backup now and showing blank squares for the next 3 months. The Rewards are 26bags, small secret cash, Flashback outfit and a Black Beret, 3 1,000.000 exp. charms, Superstar Pet, 15 Thread and 80 Oils.
  11. Is anyone else not receiving Soul Boost rewards after completing Primeweald Totality ? I still have 4 of this quest to complete for Soul Boost but twice now after completing Primeweald Totality I didn't receive items from Soul Boost though Soul Boost indicated that I completed the Quest. I am not sure if it's because of a Bug or because of my level or percentage in Soul Boost is/being too high. Anyone have an idea of what is going on ?
  12. It starts too upgrade the soul but the stats stays the same and the stone isn't used up
  13. Is anyone else unable too use this ? I tried and it starts to upgrade but the soul stats don't change
  14. What region is the Shiverstone Range Northreach Wheel of Fate in ?
  15. Hunters Refuge was Great for Hackers, HC PvPers and Whale Clans who took over the channels and kept everyone else out therefore obtaining a ton of gold and mats but for everyone else it SUCKED. Do a Search and look at all the posts about what everyone thought about this event. The only way anyone would want it back is if the PvP was eliminated all together, even with 10 channels the only ones that would be making gold and obtaining mats would be Hackers, PvPers and Whales. When this event was introduced I tried it with my main and found myself dead after a second once I managed to ge
  16. It's Nice to receive this pet aura from the story but i wish the Gem Slots were all opened. For those of us who have a lower quality aura and have already opened the gem slots the new aura is useless because of the cost to open all the gem slots for this new Aura.
  17. I created a Warlock when the 3rd spec came out and I am loving playing that class in their 3rd spec, it's my highest DPS char atm even though not at the top of AP with my other chars.
  18. I managed to do it with an average group. You Need a Really good tank that can hold aggro but it seems a Lot Harder to do in the past and imo a Nerf would Help to lower the time it takes to run this event.
  19. Unless you are going to eliminate the need for Onyx Scales with the next story update by giving everyone a weapon where these scale is no longer needed to evolve then how about adding them to the Scale Fragment Support Chest ?
  20. I had it drop for an alt just before this event started, can't say if it still drops with this update or not but I don't see why it would have been removed.
  21. I also Agree, it would be so Nice if these were account bound items.
  22. New Players that haven't done the CtA needs a better way to obtain Onyx Scales to be able to Evolve their Weapons. No one does Dreamsong anymore and the Brood Chamber no longer drops them. As of this Moment the only way to obtain Onyx Scales is from doing 4 Dailies and obtaining 15 Shards from the Armory Selection Chest. To Evolve your Weapon one needs 10 for Shadowforge and 15 scales a day just doesn't cut it. Please re-add them too the Brood Chamber or give us a viable way of obtaining them from another source.
  23. If you do the Moon Refuge Quests and Mushin's Tower quest The Final Training you will receive Martial Tokens and for 35 of them you can obtain a Storm Dragon or Exalted Weapom Stage 9 from Dragon Express. Also the Moon Refuge quests gives triangular gems for the Moonlight Buds.
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