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  1. New Soul reactions

    Long term = lifetime
  2. Frequent freeze and insane FPS drop make the game impossible to play. Are they forcing us to quit this game or what?
  3. Compensation?

    You bought false advertised product and they refused to refund. Just sue them. I don't even know why you guys are arguing here.
  4. 200 outfits not released in NA

    I know there are problems that need to be fixed right away, but you know they will never ever gonna fix those. We have issues that has been asked for months or even since the release. I already gave up on those. I believe that they have no ability to fix those problems or they are just lazy as cricket.
  5. There are over 200 outfits that have not been released in NA and these are the outfits you pick? Sure. Some people like these outfits but what you have to know is these outfits were given as FREE in other region. All I'm asking is I want to buy what they buy not these freebie craps.
  6. More "NEW" Outfits

    Not only you update outfits slow but you only add old and ugly crap. Why can't you guys sell new outfits recently updated on Korean or Chinese servers? The game has been opened about a year but we got not even as half as what they got. When people cry and leave the game because of ridiculous pay-to-win items, how about selling nice outfits to make a profit?
  7. I know we are getting Valentine's Day costumes but what about New Year costumes? Chinese New Year is next Monday, February 8th.
  8. Infinite Challenge Costume

    I got this yesterday.
  9. Goodbye and see you soon.