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  1. Show off your characters!!

    Updated outfit on Padmè!
  2. Purchase Gold with NCoin

    That's one thing that I love about GW2 and another reason why it the number of gold sellers has dropped to nearly nothing! I don't mind using my NCoin for in game gold. Really hope NCsoft does implement this too.
  3. costumes. we need costumes.

    SO SHINY! <3 @.@! Empress New Clothes outfit and head dress, must have!!!
  4. About when can we expect new fashion?

    I would really like to have the Empress New Clothes and head ornament hit the store ASAP pleeeeeeease!!!
  5. Free Goodies for downtime

    So for my "free goodie", I would like the Empress New Clothes outfit WITH the matching hairstyle...oh wait, are we at that point yet for making demands? My bad!
  6. Show off your characters!!

    My Lyn blade dancer Padmè! I really want that Regium Corvus outfit for her! I'll get some better screenshots of her later for you guys!