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  1. Show off your characters!!

    Make sure you have the image url right. Otherwise you indeed get those pesky broken image links.
  2. Show off your characters!!

    When making a post press the green button with the "insert other media" text and choose "insert image from url".
  3. The RNG in this game is horrendous

    RNG in this game is not so bad if you ever played Aion. (Another NCsoft game) For me Blade and Soul is actually less grinding.
  4. Didn't Receive Temptation Costume

    You get it after weekly maintenance.
  5. Character beauty contest for fun

    It's a mod. You can also recreate Yura. Check out here :
  6. Well I'm not online atm as well. Taking a break and watching Daredevil. Will be online later tonight. ;)
  7. Concerning Lyn outfits

    Got a tip for those looking for outfits : Go F3, outfits, filter not owned. There you can view all outfit looks per race/sexe.
  8. Concerning Lyn outfits

    I've got the perfect outfit for my Lyn. But yes cashshop outfit. There are several items ingame too but their droprate is so low...:(
  9. Letter to NC

    I play NC games since Lineage and can tell you...NCdon't care. Just hope they won't give the game to Failforge.
  10. Concerning Lyn outfits

    Why so serious o.o XD but as a suggestion to your previous post elegant what namsoyoo is wearing should be burned...
  11. Concerning Lyn outfits

    I thought they excist because furries need something to look at too o.o
  12. Changing Servers

    I wish we get transfer options. Not because I want to go to another server but because my master pack items are on a server on which I'm not playing anymore.
  13. Concerning Lyn outfits

    Yeah got to love how my lyn looks like a fat couch potato and my gon looks like she applies to a strip club in the same outfit. XD