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  1. Decided to make a post with the issues i have encountered so here goes (pictures will be shown at the end): * Generally the sound and text when recieving quests doesn't match and most of the times the sound just gets cut out in total after the first text. * Chapter 10 says (2 pictures) - Drug Wungsam's food with the sleeping pills and take his key - Speak with Bumbak - Drug Wungsams's food with the sleeping pills But this last row should say 'Take his key' - when you go up to his body does the interaction button say 'Retrieve Prison Key' * Issue where the 'Blackram Critcal Soul Shields' doesn't appear on the same row in the inventory even if they belong to the same set. (2 pictures) * As far as i can see from the forums some people have had issues with lag - i haven't. My game has been running perfect without issues UNTIL i came to The Moonwater Plains and especially in the area where the fieldboss 'Lycan the Mighty' is located. This area is close to unplayable due to the lag. Also the boss itself is highly laggy where he e.g. randomly spins around without animation. * There is also an issue (not sure if issue or intended but) With the quest 'Top Chef' outside of 'Yehara's Mirage' are you supposed to gather 'Salt Lake Crystal'. For some of the crystals the animation for them appears - but you cannot gather them (the ones i could gather disappeared after the gathering was finished). (1 Picture) * In general - I haven's found that many issues - but the biggest one i would have to say is the sound compared to text / the sound in quests. Chapter 10: Blackram Critical SoulShield: Top Chef:
  2. the 8Mb installer doesn't work

    Since the servers aren't up yet - you shouldn't be able to log in to the game. The servers open up 10 am PDT - for your timezone Just wait until the servers are up - if you still have problems after that - try to resolve the issue then, but for now - have some patience until the servers are active.