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  1. my darling warlock

    I've been obsessed with that game lately!
  2. True Siren weapons.

    So I recently looked at the upgrade path for my weapon after reaching the awakened siren breakthrough (I'll have it done in a few days) and saw that the current lists go as far as True Siren. Are those the current best weapons we can get at 45? Is there anything after that's superior?
  3. [Jiwan][CO] Where's all the RP guilds at?

    <Azure Blade> is one of the CO rp clans, we have around 40+ members all fairly active and usually ready to rp or group up for dailies.
  4. I'd say probably. Will it get censored though? No way to know.
  5. Why are the blues always the buttheads

    It is irritating seeing players bothering each other even when they're flagged. I've played on PVP servers for years, usually it was live and let live unless someone decided to be a jerk and attack someone. I really don't see the appeal, just because it's red doesn't mean you have to attack it, I say let people do their objectives in peace, flagged or not. If saw someone fighting our base NPC's, we just ignored them and went about our business.
  6. Why are 45s runing lowbie dungeon? STOP!!!

    They could also be running the various dungeons for costumes and after running something dozens of times with no drop, they're much more likely to want to power through it asap to try and get the drop they want.
  7. suggestion: last login in clan

    While we're at it, how about the ability to add/rename ranks to?
  8. I personally skip them both.
  9. tank classes

    Not exactly, it's more like every class is a dps class with some evasion moves and some self healing here and there. It's more about evading damage altogether. The "tank" types in this game do exist, as there are abilities for blademaster that increase your threat generation. But having a dps hold threat is more about keeping the boss still rather than running all over the place chasing after someone. You could probably spec for high threat and make a "tank" but you'd have to be really good at knowing when to dodge and block or you'll faceplant in about 5 seconds.
  10. It's going to be a long 10 days.

    Oh, the dude at the end of the trailer with the seals floating around him? That was the warlock wasn't it?
  11. so, are all costumes gonna be like this?

    This is the best post in this entire thread and it deserves to be repeated.
  12. It's going to be a long 10 days.

    The so called official warlock announcement the OP claims he saw.
  13. Warring Factions--seriously

    You also need a lot of soulstones for later evolutions and clan leveling, faction dailies are the best way to get them. So even if you didn't have to pick a faction, you'd probably end up doing so for that reason alone. Not to mention they opted to make the guild system tied directly to the faction.