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  1. Wait you can get more than 1 costume if you level more than 1 char to 45?
  2. I'm getting the same problem. Usually I have 60-120fps (don't know why it spikes so damn much) and when I do BW it's just unplayable. 0-5fps with ctrl+f and lowest graphic settings. My PC isn't bad either... i7 CPU with AMD R9 380
  3. Oookay going to give the outfit to either my sin or my lock... Those sleeves on gon killed it x_x +Ty for the link!
  4. Daaaaamn *Q* I wonder how they will make it look on gon,.. Might give it to my kfm if it looks sexy xD
  5. Any chance there's a female pic somewhere? I can't find one but I want to see it *Q*
  6. Is it male only outfit? I only see a pic of the male version :(
  7. Was on Mushin 7th floor... FU NCSoft -_-
  8. I'm confused, does the amount of Hongmoon coins not = the amount of NCoin? Trying to sell 12 gold for 90NC each and it says my profit is 81...? What. Or do they mean 81 as in profit for each gold sold?
  10. I got it first try... And I didn't even want it Dx Sitting in my bank right now x.x
  11. I want long hair past my waist or butt lol
  12. Wow that actually helps a lot, just going to have a hard time with the q/e's due to bad ping. Btw is it just me or is the ice different than NA ver? The one we have seems to activate faster.
  13. I wish I had your ping, can't hit that fast no matter what I do :(
  14. Half of me is like NOPE NOPE NOPE and the other half thinks the gameplay looks pretty sweet tbh.
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