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  1. ♣【 CARNIVAL 】♣ | Windrest | Crimson Legion

    let's go babyh. I faq yo gud
  2. People with offensive names ...

    If it bothers you, I suggest you do the following: Uninstall.
  3. ♣【 CARNIVAL 】♣ | Windrest | Crimson Legion

    yes we do. we are using discord ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  4. ♣【 CARNIVAL 】♣ | Windrest | Crimson Legion

    Hello, Awides and Kas Inviss we apologies for not promptly responding. I will be on b&s today so if you're still interested, please pm me in game c:
  5. So was I scammed?

    I don't get it. they did say they are working on it.... how is that a scam
  6. Stupid maintenance time

    I think that anime is Dygenguar
  7. COME ONE COME ALL COME DOWN To the greatest clan in town! Step right up and have a ball! Are you looking for a friendly clan? Do you want a clan to carry your lazy ass to level 45 and spoon-feed you? Do you want free moonwater transformation stones? Well keep looking then friend cuz this ain’t it! Who we are: A mixture of extremely laid-back, immature, casual to no-life a-holes, I mean, group of friends with a desire to steadily grow through end-game content. We have no fancy website and we certainly don’t find the need for it, however, we do have discord and we are extremely active on it. Because we have a big heart and we can fill it with many people, we decided to expand and share the love. What we offer: ♣ Good company: we are very open-minded, understandable. If you have a foot fetish, hey, we get it. Here's a foot on a silver platter ♣ Support: for all the times you fell, tripped and were wiped in a dungeon we will be there, holding your hands… laughing at you. ♣ Dailies: we are very active and always do our chores (dailies) whether it be faction, dungeons or arena (pvp). ♣ End-game content: we are aiming towards that but taking baby steps. No rush. What we expect: ♠ Respect: banter is okay, but there are blurred lines. ♠ Drama-free: we just wanna chill and have fun so please keep your drama on Runescape. ♠ Thick-skinned: Easily butt-hurt people can go away. If you are easily offended please don’t consider joining. ♠ Activeness: we want lively humans not zombies. ♠ Language: plis sir, engrish onli. How to join: PM either – Toast, LayZPanda, Luzrov Or Post on this thread requesting to join!
  8. [EU] Bad Maintenance Time

    If this was a NA server and EU people are playing in it, I wouldn't see a problem but the fact that there's a EU server so it doesn't make sense to have it on an inconvenient time where most people usually come back from work/school. yes people should do something else instead of sitting here complaining but we're gamers and most gamers don't give a sht about something called life. if anything, I bet most people are just playing their alternative games as they wait
  9. Banned with wrong accusation

    People who never had to use it probably don't know what VPN is
  10. Player Moderators.

    It's a great idea but what would be the selection criteria? considering there are plenty of corrupt people. I dunno how well it's working on runescape but it seems like a good idea.