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  1. LAG

    Is it aloud to use battleping?
  2. lag

    is it aloud to use battleping?
  3. LAG in arena

    THe lag is insane and well im willing to use battleping to improve it. Now the question is can I use it without getting banned for using it?
  4. Their Wheel of fortune is rigged and you can see it in the numbers some cake pieces are bigger than the others. And this is understandable at least you can see that its rigged to be hard. But weapon chests you cant see if its rigged or not. Im gonna go with its rigged tho since everything else is. It wont stop me playing the game tho . Ill just try keep patience and do it in form of dailies. Its gotta drop eventually :)
  5. NPC name

    Aiwa? or something? why?

    I dont like this either , but its np I wont buy them :p . Cause we get to chose if we buy or not :p. Dont rly NEED anything only if you absolutely want. But I can totally understand people getting mad at this.
  7. Stupid maintenance time

    need more threads imo until they get it right ;)
  8. Stupid maintenance time

    Ok these hours of maintainance need to change :p Do it during the night and its all good.
  9. Blade dancers

    Oh right that projectyle they do? But it travels so fast cant ss that fast enough me thinks. If the stupid key didnt need to be pressed several times before it works , then it could possibly work xD
  10. Blade dancers

    What is disck ? was looking it up but cant find anything.
  11. Blade dancers

    the video didnt show me much but that the assassin get destroyed :D . Sure he did a good job , but tiny *cricket* ups and it went to hell very quick.
  12. Blade dancers

    Im an assassin and well my main problem are blade dancers is there a way to beat them? xD i try to get around the fact that they are almost immune to cc. I try to not go into their face and meele them , instead i try to go with just avoidong their spin in stealth and their blade that gives them resistance. To me it seems like even if certain classes are hard, they are beateable , but they Blade Dancer I just cant figure out how to counter. Can any1 explain what to do agaisnt them?
  13. DC

    My gf was playing earlier after waiting a long time in queue to do a dungeon. She goes into cross server dungeon , gets a full group and when loading to the dungeon . She gets kicked to character selection and has to wait again in queue... Isnt it suposed to be that the ip gets saved for a few mins or something like in Archeage, so that if you get dced you are able to get back online fairly quick?
  14. LF leveling buddy

    So I have tried the game in some betas and russian version and find the game interesting both pvp and pve (mostly pvp) What would make the game more interesting is to have some1 to level up with , as even tho i think leveling is relaxing . Ive allready done it a few times at least early game. I live in Norway 29 yo , yes im old xD if it helps. I speak norwegian , english and spanish. Love games, specially if its competitive. Edstyles.