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  1. Point of view from a relatively new player.

    I played BnS about a year before archer patch. I left cos I saw no reason to play. I had to get TREMENDOUS amount of resources and gold to upgrade my weapon to have the ability to clear high AP dungeons. And after that came the Archer patch and I thought I'll give it a try again, I played 2 weeks and I'm leaving again cos Nothing has changed, and the amount of resources INCREASED EVEN MORE! No, I won't play this game 8 hours a day to be somewhat decent geared player, I already have another job and I dont want to waste A LOT of time at this money sucking game. IT IS NOT REWARDING! After about not playing this game about 2-3 days i got a LOT of free time and my mood became much more stable. Leave this "Game" and be happy.
  2. Builds for Archer

    Post some builds and skill rotations that you use!
  3. Thoughts on Zen Archer

    Use talents like windrunner at windpiercer skill tree, this will allow to move while using basic attacks At lightbringer build you have "Evasive Actions" for it
  4. Some Complaints and Ideas

    because I dont want to play a class that from low lvl needs some high lvl stuff to play normal. Its like u buy a car and have to buy some wheels to move with the same speed as other cars.
  5. Some Complaints and Ideas

    Well, as it is said in topcis name i will post my complaints here about my main assassin class. U all are free to do the same here. 1 st i dont like in my class that it is TOO conditious. To do damage conmpared to BM (tank class) FM (damage dealing class) SM (Support class that is not supposed to do such a good dps, but this is another topic), to deal that damage we must do maaaaaaany things. a) Shadow build - poison stacks!!! ok we have skills to do them without our (4) skill but it is too conditious! 1st skill - landmine - stacks 1 poison. i dont know how that mine is related to poison but lets continue 2nd our tab skill - hook kick - from last update it applies 1 stack of poison on poisoned target, that is usually applied by ^ this skill above (Landmine) (conditionous skill) 3rd skill is our x skill called - Throwing dagger - that skill is available while in stealth (conditionous skill again) 4rd skill is on 3 button - venom slash - first of all this is legendary skill (it means it is hard to get) and second thing that it is activated when our rb skill (heart stab) lands a crit on target or while resist (Conditions again) 5th skill poison star on x button - available only after successfull resist (conditions again) 6th skill is our tab skill (actually 2 tab skills) one is our escape skil and another our new remade tab that hits opponent on the ground (conditions again) both apply 1 stack 7th is our new remade skill on 1 button called Sidewinder - applies 1 stack of poison while not in stealth finally 1 GUARANTEED! poison stack 8th skill is poison breath that applies 5 stacks but it has 45 seconds cooldown but lets continue so! Shadow build main dps rotation is! LB + F + RB + F LB - Mist slash - LEGENDARY skill it activates F - Dark Strike ONLY on crit!! (double conditions) F - Dark Strike -(here i find the main but not last issue here) is activated on critical Heart stab (RB) or critical LB AND consumes 2 chi and if Crits it consumes 1 instead of 2 (Conditions again) RB - Heart stab - can be cast instantly if invisible OR if target has 5 poison stacks OR is under CC (Knockdown and Grab not included) First of my suggestion! LET THE RB TO BE CASTED INSTANTLY ON ANY TARGET! seriously!! BUT it should activate the DARK STRIKE when hits (!) a target with 5 poison stacks (cc condition and crit condition must still remain) Second suggestion Dark strike - must not require chi when hits the target with 5 poison stacks, really. Third thing (as like bms) Dark strike - must reduce cooldown of Poison breath by 1 second when hits a target. only by removing those conditions, I can see a normal asassin gameplay. Because our MAIN idea is to DEAL DAMAGE. and our damage is SUPPOSED TO BE HIGH! I dont want to wait until i get some special items that will make an assassin damage to be SAME as BMS or FM or SM. Also I DONT WANT to have a need of getting Legendary Skills to have the SAME DPS as those ^ classes above.
  6. i aggree as a sin with that there is a one skill that disturbes me it is rab skill on kd target it covers the skill that can make me invisible, or i have to spend 2 points to make it work same but with muuuuuuch more cooldown time
  7. Vote Kick System

    Why not to make loot system to be bound to people being in current dungeon? I mean, if u killed boss with all party and got kicked by it, u still can share the loot with them?
  8. I saw in some topic that this increases fps.
  9. So as the title mentions, how to do it or where to find guide to do it?
  10. 64bit B&S in KR

    well the main issue in current 32 bit client that it works only on 1 core instead of multiple available. making it 64 bit i think will give more resources to the game. though current graphics limitations can not be bypassed. First time there will be bugs too)) well it is better like that, I really dont understand who uses 1 core cpu this time?
  11. 64bit B&S in KR

    my google translate doesnt work, can u tell me what is written in that article?
  12. Our next project

    I think all they have to do, is to remove food, exp charm fragments naryu coins from drop boxes, and replace them with a really needed things. That's all) It will grant more sense to run dungeons, if u get 1 moon stone or maybe a bundle if u lucky, or 10 soulstones that is good too! Instead of stupid foods ( removing that drop will make cookery a good craft that gives a lot of money) or naryu coins (idk where to spend them except blue ones) or exp charm fragments ( better drop just blue charms cos we need a tremendous amount of exp!!!)
  13. Perfect skill rotation for both builds and ani cancel?

    I found that with new change my skill rotation became more stable. No interruptions or miss using. Damage remains almost the same
  14. actually what is best rotation for both builds and which skills we can anicancel? recently i saw this in patchnotes: Lightning Pierce / Lightning Crash (F) Lightning Pierce and Lightning Crash can no longer be canceled by other skills. what is this? is this a nerf? btw i didnt saw that we could anicancel that skills before....
  15. When is assassin dps supposed to be good?

    And the next most logical question for me will be: Why? If that is of soulshields or ligendary. Then link them!