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  1. I played BnS about a year before archer patch. I left cos I saw no reason to play. I had to get TREMENDOUS amount of resources and gold to upgrade my weapon to have the ability to clear high AP dungeons. And after that came the Archer patch and I thought I'll give it a try again, I played 2 weeks and I'm leaving again cos Nothing has changed, and the amount of resources INCREASED EVEN MORE! No, I won't play this game 8 hours a day to be somewhat decent geared player, I already have another job and I dont want to waste A LOT of time at this money sucking game. IT IS NOT REWARDING! After about n
  2. Post some builds and skill rotations that you use!
  3. Use talents like windrunner at windpiercer skill tree, this will allow to move while using basic attacks At lightbringer build you have "Evasive Actions" for it
  4. well the main issue in current 32 bit client that it works only on 1 core instead of multiple available. making it 64 bit i think will give more resources to the game. though current graphics limitations can not be bypassed. First time there will be bugs too)) well it is better like that, I really dont understand who uses 1 core cpu this time?
  5. my google translate doesnt work, can u tell me what is written in that article?
  6. Bow or Spear classe Would be very very nice! No guns please!! Maybe fan dancing But without any race Bounds OR Bound to Yun (Why there so much attention to that Shortlegged kids with ears? Dont see ANYTHING that i like in them)
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