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  1. Gunner 40 focus bug ?

    What kind of gunner are you playing bro lol, 1 hit reload?
  2. 50 box RIP off

    Its seriously nothing to complain about, I bought 50 boxes myself I got nothing great either other than a sacred oil and premium trans. For me this is just a for fun thing, I do 50 boxes every box event. Is it a rip off? Yeah maybe for us who have normal earnings in life, but these boxes are not meant for us. This game is not as popular as before, I'm pretty sure the people left here whales or not we do like this game. Whales are willing to spend money to keep the server going, so for me it's a why not lol, I get to keep playing and they get to satisfy their will. Do not get hotheaded and throw money that you are not capable of making them back in real life, that's the only thing important, other than that, just have fun.
  3. too much creating not enough levelling...