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  1. I'm not sure if you're trolling or not, but there's nothing wrong with Gon faces. I prefer more realistic facial features. Also, no offense, but, how does your Jin breathe? :x
  2. If anything, Scarlett Johansson is more similar to those "fat or thick thigh woman" than your own character lol i don't think you realize how skinny your character actually is
  3. When x server dies on you while you charging yo laser :c
  4. I didn't call Scarlett Johansson anorexic? Lol. She has meatier legs Your character is more similar to a runway model, but with boobs, no offense
  5. Just like how none of the characters posted so far are actually "fat".
  6. Similarly, one could wonder what you find in an anorexic Yun with boobs Different tastes, yes
  7. Finally got the Cobalt Widow Wig from the merchant c:
  8. Playing around with the much expensive clan uniforms :c
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