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  1. I'm loving the new white hot outfit on my BD. Looks sooo good :3 Thinking about getting it on my Sin too. Edit: Had to add this second picture, because of the beautiful lighting in BSH, that I caught while doing dailys and waiting for a npc to spawn :D
  2. Decided against my initial warlock preset, since I didn't find enough outfits that would fit. Created a new one today and turned out pretty good :D
  3. NCSoft is not going to care about the complaints from one small guy. May sound harsh, but you basically will have to deal with it or leave.
  4. Posted my FM and BD already in this thread, but not my summoner :3
  5. Started my assassin a few days ago and got both outfits that I wanted
  6. Got the outfit from the boxes, didn't even expect it. Also bought the glasses, my Lyn looks so cool now.
  7. Well, here we go again: My Forcemaster and Blade Dancer
  8. That's some nice "plot" right here ;D
  9. I have to say, when I saw the EU outfit for the first time I disliked it. Turns out it's actually preeetty cool :D
  10. Since the servers are down I'm going to post the Destroyer Gon and Warlock Lyn I've been working on :3
  11. I thought this thread is about everyone sharing their characters, not about rating and bad mouthing other characters. Which is also a useless discussion, because everyone has different standards.
  12. Already posted it in the Lyn thread, but might as well post it here too My Forcemaster and Blade Dancer ~
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