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  1. Oh, okay. I've heard of Ragnarok Online. At that time I wasn't interested in Korean MMOs and was busy playing Dark Age of Camelot.
  2. Dunno, still seeing a lot of players running around and a active faction chat on my server. BnS never really aimed for that big of an audience anyways, just like BDO. Both games will co-exist just fine, since they are made for different type of play styles. What's up with Tree of Savior though? All I know about the game it that it's published by Nexon (blargh) and looks like Devilian, just with worse graphics. Anything special about it? If not I wouldn't be concerned at all :D
  3. I'm loving the new white hot outfit on my BD. Looks sooo good :3 Thinking about getting it on my Sin too. Edit: Had to add this second picture, because of the beautiful lighting in BSH, that I caught while doing dailys and waiting for a npc to spawn :D
  4. Decided against my initial warlock preset, since I didn't find enough outfits that would fit. Created a new one today and turned out pretty good :D
  5. NCSoft is not going to care about the complaints from one small guy. May sound harsh, but you basically will have to deal with it or leave.
  6. Posted my FM and BD already in this thread, but not my summoner :3
  7. Started my assassin a few days ago and got both outfits that I wanted
  8. The currency exchange is nothing new and has already been introduced in the beta. If this can be considered P2W is dependent on personal opinion. If you consider saving a decent amount of time through paying money P2W, then yes it is in fact P2W. I wouldn't see the reason why you would want to buy gold though, since the only PVE content that is currently in the game is about getting gold and upgrading your gear. If you would buy the gold you would run out of content and get bored. The advantage of having better gear in open world pvp might or might not be significant, but I don't know about
  9. Got the outfit from the boxes, didn't even expect it. Also bought the glasses, my Lyn looks so cool now.
  10. Well, here we go again: My Forcemaster and Blade Dancer
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