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  1. I'm loving the new white hot outfit on my BD. Looks sooo good :3 Thinking about getting it on my Sin too. Edit: Had to add this second picture, because of the beautiful lighting in BSH, that I caught while doing dailys and waiting for a npc to spawn :D
  2. Decided against my initial warlock preset, since I didn't find enough outfits that would fit. Created a new one today and turned out pretty good :D
  3. Posted my FM and BD already in this thread, but not my summoner :3
  4. Started my assassin a few days ago and got both outfits that I wanted
  5. Got the outfit from the boxes, didn't even expect it. Also bought the glasses, my Lyn looks so cool now.
  6. Well, here we go again: My Forcemaster and Blade Dancer
  7. That's some nice "plot" right here ;D
  8. I have to say, when I saw the EU outfit for the first time I disliked it. Turns out it's actually preeetty cool :D
  9. Since the servers are down I'm going to post the Destroyer Gon and Warlock Lyn I've been working on :3
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