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  1. Why exactly are these even added if you need 1250 achievement points to purchase them? Shouldn't you have these skills already, by that time you have that amount of achievement points? Maybe a bit ridiculous might as well just buy them from the market for 200 gold or farm them, seems way faster than gathering 1250 achievement points o.O
  2. Obiligatory Lyn Male Lover's Show Off Thread.

    Guess I can show of my "new" BD here again too
  3. Delete all Soulstones from server DB

    Well, if you want to make sure that the game actually dies, then this is a good idea! The amount of false positive bans would be very high. People will quit, because their their work of days or weeks would get taken away. Taking away player progression is a death sentence. Not even a week later the bots will be back anyways and then the would have to do it again.. and again.. and again. If they would find a permanent solution for the bot problem, then they wouldn't even have to wipe everything. The economy would regulate itself over time. Not sure if this is a troll post or not, seeing as your name is just a bunch of random numbers and you only have one post.
  4. How dead is this game already?

    Oh, okay. I've heard of Ragnarok Online. At that time I wasn't interested in Korean MMOs and was busy playing Dark Age of Camelot.
  5. How dead is this game already?

    Dunno, still seeing a lot of players running around and a active faction chat on my server. BnS never really aimed for that big of an audience anyways, just like BDO. Both games will co-exist just fine, since they are made for different type of play styles. What's up with Tree of Savior though? All I know about the game it that it's published by Nexon (blargh) and looks like Devilian, just with worse graphics. Anything special about it? If not I wouldn't be concerned at all :D
  6. Show off your characters!!

    I'm loving the new white hot outfit on my BD. Looks sooo good :3 Thinking about getting it on my Sin too. Edit: Had to add this second picture, because of the beautiful lighting in BSH, that I caught while doing dailys and waiting for a npc to spawn :D
  7. Show off your characters!!

    Decided against my initial warlock preset, since I didn't find enough outfits that would fit. Created a new one today and turned out pretty good :D
  8. NCSoft is not going to care about the complaints from one small guy. May sound harsh, but you basically will have to deal with it or leave.
  9. Dark Pirate King

    Wow, almost three weeks since I started the thread. Still nothing here either. Lost count at some point, should be somewhere around 1k now.
  10. Not sure how you're able to make 200 Gold a day. I barley make 13g a day with the 24er Daily's, Instance dailies and normal Misty Wood dailies. And that stuff already takes me about 4 hours. I would need months to even get close to maxing out everything. Can't even farm soul stones, unless I suddenly get really good at arena or engage in the open world ganking fiesta for the faction dailies and blackwyrm. Already got my taste for open world pvp, while farming the insignias for the soul shield a few weeks back. That was already enough to never put on the faction outfit again. Other than the 2 Soulstones from the Tomb daily, my only way would be to buy them. At this point I already gave up and started leveling alts, because it's more fun.
  11. Obiligatory Lyn Male Lover's Show Off Thread.

    Posted my FM and BD already in this thread, but not my summoner :3
  12. Show off your characters!!

    Started my assassin a few days ago and got both outfits that I wanted

    Already finished my warlock character a while ago :3