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  1. Fix this god awful lag, please.

    same :(. I've been playing NCsoft games for over 15 years now. It might be time to throw in the towel as the lag is getting ridiculous. When the evening time comes around, the game becomes unbearable. If NCsoft doesnt want my money and give me an enjoyable experience I'll take it to Blizzard and other companies.
  2. wow this is really hard to read. if you could, use a better type of format, indention and such. Its really hard to answer some of your questions when its all jumbled together. I picked some random ones and try to answer some of it but before that, I think NCSoft is doing a fabulous job. Yeah, there are some things that could be fixed, you made a few good suggestions but a few of which you already talk about is already in the game, perhaps you do not know where it is or how to use it. B: So first you disconnect me from the server for some weird reason and when I try to get back, you tell me I am logged in already? Any idea how that makes me feel? Like seriously, does anyone at NCsoft even play this game? --------- Your connection might be lagging and a session remains in the game. As soon as you log in, it should kick the other session off. I notice this too but it is extremely rare and I dont dc often. Have you tried testing your internet connection? Are you running other things while you are running BNS? And that brings me to: B: I am sick of retyping the password, why not give us the option to store it? There's still the clickable code... -------- This is a security reasons to prevent hacks, keyloggers etc and people stealing your account. The clickable code is like a 2 factor authentication, its randomization provides security where a program such as a keylogger cant record your keys. This is a feature you would want as it is to protect you. It is similar to saying why do I need a lock and a bolt lock on my door? Its easier to just close it. Sheer laziness is not an excuse. B: The amount of anicanceling going on this game: Clan kick anicancel - when three guys are kicked, the second name is not displayed... Seriously though, the anicancel mechanics in this game are dumb, they just tempt people to use macros, either allow the use of macros in pve, or get ready for when I sue you for my medical expenses for treating my carpal tunnel, which I only got because you wouldn't let me use macros in pve -------- If you are getting carpal tunnel, you might want to lay off the game. Health > game. It is your own addiction that is getting you carpal tunnel. If someone fapped to porn and got carpal tunnel, do they get to sue the porn industry? Play at your own risk. Anything that makes you use your wrist in a repeated movement is a risk. B: Martial Tome, Party Auction and DPS Meter moving on my screen all the time ---------- Never got this :\ B: make the filter in cross-server 'Recruit Party Members' window actually useful, you can start by adding the option to filter 4mans only and then the option for every single dungeon ---------- I believe this is already implemented. 4/6 man dungeons, then filters out the dungeons. D: could you make a separate tab for in clan for clan member's alts, so that an alt in the clan doesn't count towards the clan max member limit? ---------- A spot is still a spot. You could make another clan for alts. Perhaps an alliance chat between guilds would be a better suggestion. This is not a hate on you or dislike post, I hope it is to help you see it at another perspective. A lot of the nasty comments that NCSoft gets is due to the fact that many do not understand server/code/network. I'm a sys admin and have to deal with production issues all the time. Sometimes what may seem like a very good idea and which may be easy to implement is a complete nightmare to code and put in.
  3. Revelation Online

    Uh as a summoner, lets not nerf the summoners.. you know you need us in dungeons :P
  4. Cat less responsive since last patch

    my cat is also not as responsive. the taunt seems like a 60% thing and not as long. It sometimes just stands next to me while im attacking mobs until i force it to go attack something. Lazy cat.
  5. Oct 26th patch made FPS drop

    For those of us who dont have an integrated gpu, still getting low fps.
  6. Hi, I updated Razer Synapse to the current version out and had to disable CHROMA APPS because it was messing up my lighting on my Black Widow. I noticed ever since then, each time I log into BNS, all my settings (except keybinds) are reset, this would include my graphics, UI, chat preferences. This was also happening to my boyfriend who also updated his Razer, he had to do a system restore for BNS to save configs again. This shouldnt happen each time I have to update Razer and it conflicts with the game. Please advise.
  7. There is no treasure key anymore

    Oh.. well this just took the wind out of my sails..
  8. There is no treasure key anymore

    I thought the event doesnt end until tomorrow? :( Where are the keys..
  9. Crashing every 20 minutes.

    I am also equally upset. Every update the game has causes me to crash more and more. I am literally begging NCSOFT to take my money so I can enjoy the game.
  10. Game won't start

    I am getting this as well. I updated my bf's client and his is also doing the same thing.
  11. Faction Imbalance

    On Mushin server, the two factions are WAYYYY imbalanced. Each channel is owned by Cerulean, there are way more blues than red. I'm all for PVP but when its just a zerg, it kind of beats the fun out of it. I thought there was a cap in place to prevent one side from dominating in numbers for the other. People are starting to get frustrated and leaving red to join blue which makes it even more imbalanced.
  12. How to access Clan Vault?

  13. I saw that there is a clan vault at rank 1. How do I access it?
  14. Soul Shield (unable to switch to alternate)

    I was also wondering this. I thought perhaps I'm doing something wrong but doesnt look like there are any other options to change or save.