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  1. same :(. I've been playing NCsoft games for over 15 years now. It might be time to throw in the towel as the lag is getting ridiculous. When the evening time comes around, the game becomes unbearable. If NCsoft doesnt want my money and give me an enjoyable experience I'll take it to Blizzard and other companies.
  2. wow this is really hard to read. if you could, use a better type of format, indention and such. Its really hard to answer some of your questions when its all jumbled together. I picked some random ones and try to answer some of it but before that, I think NCSoft is doing a fabulous job. Yeah, there are some things that could be fixed, you made a few good suggestions but a few of which you already talk about is already in the game, perhaps you do not know where it is or how to use it. B: So first you disconnect me from the server for some weird reason and when I try to get back, y
  3. Uh as a summoner, lets not nerf the summoners.. you know you need us in dungeons :P
  4. my cat is also not as responsive. the taunt seems like a 60% thing and not as long. It sometimes just stands next to me while im attacking mobs until i force it to go attack something. Lazy cat.
  5. For those of us who dont have an integrated gpu, still getting low fps.
  6. Hi, I updated Razer Synapse to the current version out and had to disable CHROMA APPS because it was messing up my lighting on my Black Widow. I noticed ever since then, each time I log into BNS, all my settings (except keybinds) are reset, this would include my graphics, UI, chat preferences. This was also happening to my boyfriend who also updated his Razer, he had to do a system restore for BNS to save configs again. This shouldnt happen each time I have to update Razer and it conflicts with the game. Please advise.
  7. Oh.. well this just took the wind out of my sails..
  8. I thought the event doesnt end until tomorrow? :( Where are the keys..
  9. BladeandSoulOps posted this on twitter , for folks with crashes..going to try 1 and 2. https://support.bladeandsoul.com/hc/en-us/articles/207196666-My-game-is-crashing-freezing T
  10. Uh Flint, I think you have a whole 'nother issue. Sounds like a possible hardware issue to me if your whole computer is dying. Maybe it cant handle the game?
  11. I'll give it a try at next crash, currently been in line for 24 mins now. Dont want to requeue lol.
  12. The game keeps crashing every 40 mins to 1 hr for me and several other folks I know, whether I am picking up item or accepting quest. No error code after crash besides the "Would you like to send this to NCSOFT". Relogin and waiting in queue even as premium member is a pain. Wait time is 19 mins and having to do this every hour is an even bigger pain.
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