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  1. Hi may i ask if there is a cost reduction as well for Seraph/Baleful stage 10 to Raven Stage 1? because it seems like there is only Seraph/Baleful Stage 12 to Raven Stage 3 with Raven Nebula Stones which makes it cheaper but what about the Seraph/Baleful Stage 10 & 11 to Raven Stage 1 & 2 respectively?
  2. Guys, what costume have you picked!? I still chose Devotion, White Night and Best Friend!!! :D
  3. Finally i found my Sealed Fiend Bracers after soooooo many rounds like 20+, woots. may RNG be with you <3
  4. i tried to craft it with 6 times, failed all at first, then i crafted it again with 6 times, i found 2 this time round, the last one i bought it from marketplace at 700g +.. worth it man <3 its worth the grind
  5. yea.. i grinded alot.. ;x but i didn't get those 100 moonstones or sapphire gems.. XD! i grinded like mad and saved up the money for trove keys. this link has time recorded based on how much hours we took to clear up to 40/40 dailies most of the time. hehehe Asia FTW. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yBCNaoBF4gDBEu2OS3e5CxZrhCpGha9McrLS6Gdnjpc/edit#gid=229694888
  6. Have you receive your RNGseus from Blade & Soul yet? :D I do.. Thanks to NCSoft with the amount of RNG they added into the game. Appreciated it <3 True Scorpio to Legendary Stage 1 6 Gem slots to 6 Gem slots
  7. I'm still in Old Man Cho.. sadly i am enlisted on 11th July, leaving my friends and will be back after army..
  8. Look out for Saint Child in Cross Server, I'll do my best to teach you if you need any help <3
  9. bring your clan to go dungeon runs, always make yourself available for others. be there for each another. my clan : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yBCNaoBF4gDBEu2OS3e5CxZrhCpGha9McrLS6Gdnjpc/edit?usp=sharing
  10. I'm an Ex-Tera Player, after soloing Darkan, i decided to come to blade and soul. Tera has good combat system and normal graphic Blade & Soul has good graphic and normal combat system Economy.. both are bad but its okay, i kinda enjoyed blade & soul because their market is shared between servers and cross server has its own lobby section too. Tera... is kinda dead.. :/ Imperator set.. oh well, I love blade & soul, come blade and soul. brother
  11. Can this actually be counted as 1 Quest instead of Daily Quest which actually takes up a slot from the 40 Daily Quest? Like the one you have to pay 1 Naryu Coin to enter Nightshade Harbor. [Return to Nightshade Harbor] Just seeing if there is any possibility because people were complaining that the limit for daily quest is 40/40.
  12. looks like we need moonstone in zaiwei ruins and frostscale basin to keep the 24man alive everyday :,( ~
  13. If you happen to see Saint Child, he is anti-elitism, look for him <3
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