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  1. BoT

    BDO has: region lock $30 fee to create an account to play equalized auction house prices heavily limited trade between players of which, bns has none of.
  2. BoT

    Get real, bdo is f2p in korea. talking without any knowledge thinking they are always right = first world problem.
  3. BoT

    If you think "no bots and gold sellers" actually means 0 then you're just twisting words to your advantage. No mmorpg has had 0 botters and gold sellers but that doesn't mean there were mmorpgs that triumphed against them. Tera is one of them and so will BDO. I don't play BDO and don't plan to but if you are telling yourself that bdo will be another bns disaster in terms of dealing with botters and gold sellers, you're "something i dont have the words to describe." BDO will succeed against them. Endgame? BDO is a sandbox mmorpg with completely open world design and more pvp contents than bns will ever have. If you're downgrading a game for their intended design, then the flaw lies within you, not in the game. BDO wasn't intended to have endless portals and loading screens and instanced zones like bns. Please tell me what advantage bns has over bdo for having those ridiculous amount of portals and loading screens... Two identical 24-man raids that is zerg fest and takes no effort or skill, two 4-6 man endgame dungeons that gets cleared with a single try on the day it is released with low tier gear, mushins tower that is special for the first one to five clears depending on people and offers zero replayability other than for gear progression and dailies, etc.
  4. BoT

    wait... what kind of bs is this? something to make bns players feel better? how can bdo have bots? they have 4-stage anti-bot/gold sellers system in place just from what i know and i don't even know that much about bdo. also, yesterday head-start was only open to the highest tier package owners only. does it make any sense in your brain for botters/gold sellers to purchase $100 accounts? i have never played bdo and i haven't even bought a pack but bdo will not have bots. ever. bdo has at the minimum 4-stage anti-bot system in place. what does bns have?
  5. People who say BnS is dying

    TERA had no bots. BDO won't have bots. Why? It is b2p which means every account that gets banned will cost the botters $30 out of their pocket. Will they make $30 + operation fee + profit before their account gets banned? Maybe, maybe not. Will they risk it? Some might but if bdo management is on top of it even the slightest, everything goes to hell for botters. B2P is only the first layer of defense against the botters. They have 2nd and 3rd layer of defense that I know of which are the unique type of marketplace and trading system in BDO. Since I'm not very informed about BDO, they might have even more layers of defense against botters and gold sellers but even with those 3, I am pretty sure botters and gold sellers will have a tough time to even get started.
  6. Worst incompetent support service ever.

    First of all, your title doesn't make sense since we all know you're trying to talk down on ncwest's support and yet you're doing the exact opposite with the double negative and praising it. Secondly, there are thousands of bots and gold seller accounts created weekly to actively ruin our lives. If you're looking at them as a whole of one and are whining about nothing being done to get rid of them as a whole, then you're correct. Ncwest doesn't have the means nor the ability to do such a thing, thus resulting in the continual occupation of the cancerous beings in blade and soul. But this type of thinking is absolutely and horrendously flawed. Ncwest is getting rid of gold sellers and bots. It's just that they are not getting rid of them fast enough for total extermination. For example, if there are 100 bots and gold seller accounts created hourly, ncwest is only managing to get rid of a portion of them of maybe around 50. Therefore, you always see bots and gold sellers ingame but it does not mean ncwest is not doing anything. They are just not doing an efficient enough of a job for total extermination.
  7. Mail from goldseller

    i got a mail from a goldseller with 1 copper attached. can you delete this mail? thanks.
  8. ncsoft gave their game to a bunch of interns that doesn't even know how to get the forums running properly let alone the game. the "remember me" function hasn't worked ever since the betas but recently they broke the forums to a whole new degree with "remember me" funtion still not working and as a cherry on top, now the logging in doesn't even work properly.
  9. Curse of the Founder Weapon Skin

    founder weapon skin is the ugliest skin i've come across. i'd be glad to lose it but it's not even worth being used in first place so it's just quietly sitting in my bank.

    but tera didnt even have any spammers. every mmo publishers need to seriously send out a management team to enmasse, pay them a fat check and learn the secrets lol

    Tera had no gold sellers or bots. Now for all of you that will come to twist my words to their advantage and try to make an argument from it, let me specify. I played Tera for about an year and I saw one or two bots. I quit TERA when mchm was the hardest dungeon so IDK how it changed after I left but TERA still remains the best game to have complete control over gold sellers/bots.
  12. Bannable exploits?

    So I'm hearing alot about backstepping through the doors in ogong being bannable. There are more doors in this game that you can bypass with the backstep such as bsh. Did they only say ogong was bannable?
  13. Other than buying from the coin exchange merchant, where else can I get the necklace? bsh 4man? bsh 6 man?
  14. Let's talk

    The good Combat The bad Bot trains farming ogres Bots farming rich nodes Bots in arenas Gold sellers taking over chats Gold sellers private messaging you Gold sellers taking over Auction House Basically doing PvE with bots, PvP against bots and buying from bots on auction house All the other versions of blade and soul has much worse problems with bots and gold sellers Which means NA/EU is in for a long ride and it will only get worse from here on out Dead open world pvp People forced into doing horribly boring lag-fest blackwyrm raids to stay relevant People openly exploiting faction quests and nothing being done People exploiting loot system People exploiting dungeons People exploiting arenas for more zen beans income Faction chat taken over by a small group of people with way over the top inappropriate topics and nothing being done Faction chat completely disabled by large number of people due to the above reasons Poorly optimized game Horrible game engine Memory leak in arenas People doing wrong are not penalized while people who buy ncoin gets banned Zero interactions with the player-base PvE content all the same Daily routine of this game for majority of people is doing pve dailies, arena dailies then getting off Each zone has a set number of people that can join I've never seen this in any games This is very sad especially since this is a MMORPG Only 10% of the zones are used for end-game contents Other 90% of the zones are breezed through for leveling and never returned to No shared account bank, which is unheard of in an MMORPG Ridiculously absurd gear progression that results in making alts an impossible task Stupid tag system for pve High outfit costs that cannot be shared across the characters Too many portals and everything is instanced in this game
  15. The whole animation goes so well with aoe slam on the ground. There were so many other ways to nerf piledriver aside from making the animation look mismatched. Dmg nerf, more vulnerability, longer cd, etc all would have been better nerf to piledriver.