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  1. 38 minutes ago, AlexHuaTian said:

    Black Desert was b2p though. So its pretty low of them to make people buy the game and then add f2p elements.

    hmm lets see... guild wars 2 was b2p and buy to expansion and yet they still have a direct cash to gold currency exchange in the game..

    what else... tera.. was b2p and eventually went f2p. I'm sure there are others but those are the only 2 that I have played.


    It's not very surprising and anyone who really thinks that they weren't going to do it eventually or that it's going to break the game is kinda stupid imho.


    BnS has RNG boxes with gems (like jiwans tear) that you can't get anywhere else :/ They have cash shop RNG box that gives you soulstone moonstone and stingers. Upgrading your gear in BnS isn't rng, it's 100% success. The most exspensive RNG is the premium silverfrost trans stone, and a P2W could buy gold and just buy those out. and boom. legendary.


    At least BDO still has RNG on its side to prevent to much "p2w". So all the doomdays QQer's really need to calm down. 


    Edit: Bdo will also probably go F2P at some point and then ppl will qq about that. You can't satisfy everyone no matter what you try to do. But devs gotta eat. I for one- will be happy to get another pet from the marketplace. hurhurhur

  2. All the "copied"/"Inspired" concepts look really cool tho... Deff won't complain if they put it in the game. It looks cool!
    It's not another lame suit for males...

    Honestly lol You can google "anime short girl hair" or "anime mask" and like.. 90% of the shit all looks the same.

    We have the equivalent of "Miku Hair" in the game in multi-color and people don't *cricket* about that do they.. 

    The only thing that even looks copied is the male mask.

    The gon hair is a FAR stretch. If anything it reminds me more of Tokyo mew mew lol Just.... shorter :/


  3. 44 minutes ago, Negaimu said:

    I dont see how banzai is a unique name lol. just cause people dont have it on your server doesnt mean the name itself is unique. its unique in numbers but its not very interesting or defining :P



    When I hear "unique" I think of something that is not well known or heard of. something that doesnt have much definition outside of the person /thing it names. Like Poharan is really popular in part cause of the name alone :)

    The definition of unique is litterally "being the only one of its kind".
    If there is nobody else named Banzai. Then my name is unique tyvvvvm.

    I've so many Poharans on this game. Not including the server AND the npc named that  <_<

    Just because I didn't throw together a bunch of letters that sounded kinda cool together doesn't mean my name isn't unique in definition.


    How about you Urban dictionary Banzai or wikipedia it. The title of the thread was Original. Not "unique"

    Insert 10 thousand Sasuke names.


    Edit: I like my name so I don't appreciate the feeling your post gave off. Ty

  4. This is why I wanted that master pack so badly for name reservation. It was worth it.


    I still haven't seen another player with a Version of my name "Banzai"


    I've seen Ban-something or Baz or w/e but not Banzai____ or ____Banzai. Or Even with the accents on it. 

  5. 16 minutes ago, Babbletr0n said:

    Hey everyone,


    Just wanted to clear up some of the information on this thread.


    1. You do get to change appearance when you change race or gender.

    2. When you change race, you can also change gender.

    3. You cannot choose race/class combinations that do not naturally exist.

    4. You will no longer be able to equip or store costumes that your new gender/race combination cannot use.

    5. Any costumes that cannot be equipped by your new gender/race will remain in the wardrobe until withdrawn but they cannot be deposited again.

    YES awesome. I was climbing on top of Salt Mountain until you corrected it.

    Can we get an early estimate of how much these race and gender change tickets will cost? Pretty please? ;  _;

  6. If ANY real players want to be my friend, I will NEVER see the request anymore.

    It's official.






    This thing sits at a really really high number until I click on to it. 
    and then


    I've not seen a real players friend request in days yet been told I've been sent them before.


    To put it short.. this sucks.


    EDIT: Feel free to lemme know if you've gotten more than I have :D  :D

  7. Check your graphics settings.
    I see little to no difference in the vibrance of the FM skills. I run the game on max  graphics (cept for GHS ofc)
    But on my old pc... without having specific lighting effects turned on. Your FM skills will look bland and watered down


    EDIT: ok I went through and tested the various lighting effects. The ones that very effect the  visuals of the FM skills the most (the vibrancy and all that) happen to be Bloom, and High Quality Lighting. When I slide my graphics bar up to 5 for apply to all, High quality lighting is not automatically checked on.
    Also yea... veil does look like shit now compared to before :( Some skills have been toned down but others seem unaffected.

  8. Why'd you have to put them in the RNG box. ; _ ;


    Stop doing this. Just stop it. I don't even care about anything else in those stupid boxes but stop putting outfits in cash rigged boxes.

    You'd make more money if you just put the outfits in the hongmoon store anyways so WHY NOT! D:

  9. 4 minutes ago, RyuueLaview said:

    Asura is no walk in the park. But yeh ice storage is once a day. I dont remember if ppl spammed reset tokens in tw. Didnt seem to tho. I dont remember. I mean u can farm tokens there to trade for one of the things u need to unlock a hm skill. 

    Well that is very dissapointing.. but oh well. If it was like this in other regions there isn't much room to complain.

  10. 4 minutes ago, Luucy said:

    Well the gap between paying players/"nolife"players and free players/casual players is already huge. So I imagine it'll get worse and worse with this paying reset system... 


    I don't know what NCSoft is thinking about (ah yes money), but for every news I read, I get more and more disappointed... (as a casual, non paying player who won't even be able to enter these 2 new dungeons without being insulted as my AP is 406 at the moment...)

    Yea this doesn't seem like "We're avoiding a pay to win model"
    I'm not even mad about the current "event" anymore. I was looking forward to be able to farm this instance with clan mates to finally finish out clan outfit design but.

    This "Pay To Grind" is very dissapointing/ :(

  11. EDIT: So from what others have said. Yes it was like this in other regions.
    Yes the "reset" item should be cheap.
    And supposedly it will also drop in yeti and be tradeable. 


    So lookin through facebook today I noticed that NCSoft updated the page about the patch on the 27th.

    That being said. 

    Scroll all the way down to the bottom. and 

    This can only be completed ONCE a day?? Really?? Unless you PURCHASE a reset?? D: Was it like this on the other servers before NA? I'm curious if I should be angry or not.

  12. Ok first. Yes I'd like to see the outfits from instances being tradeable but that will prob never happen.
    and Second.. you erased how much gold you have on the bottom left but not in your inventory window. Only reason I mention this is because of how many "I've been hacked" threads there are now. You might want to edit that screenshot or be cautious. :P ijs :((

  13. Some clan mates of mine have been farming achievements for the vendor (ofc)
    And we've started to notice that some achievements aren't awarding the correct amount of points. 
    First example is the Die 500 Times Deathwish achievement. The points gained are supposed to be 30 but a clan mate only got 10.

    Is anyone else noticing this yet? What other achievements are getting bugged out?

    EDIT1: Someone mentioned that the amount of points you receive is based on the previous amount. Example: Tier 1 deathwish was 10 point. So if tier 2 gives 30 points you'd only get 20 because you already had 10 from the previous achievement. Not sure if that's true or not <_<;;;;