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  1. Name Swap Option

    I'd love this option as well. I level'd a warlock for the challenge, and I actually wish I could swap my FM and my warlocks names b/c I want to main that class instead now. Ncsoft pls take my money xD
  2. How to Basic PvE Combo

    This is nice, this post and your other post are really helpful thank you :)
  3. So I block these bots that send me friend requests. But then they can keep sending them, even MULTIPLE TIMES!! What the hell x_x Do I have to reblock these guys every day? I started to just ignore the requests but then even more started to pop up. I have blocked and reblocked these 2 guys at least 3 times and the requests keep popping up. How do send in a ticket about this? :S EDIT: I had a picture here but then i realized it would be "Naming and shaming" so I took it out. but I have 2 bots in my ignore and I've got 4 friend requests from them after that.
  4. Burn Builds VS Auto Detonate

    Thanks for all the support on this subject! The guy seemed pretty... well. to be blunt he was a know it all. But I out dps nearly every other FM I run across now and I'm not even in true siren yet. :\ Running into detonate FMs does frustrate me to NO END. Because like other people have said- when the ember stacks are FLYING BY very quickly it's really hard to get a 1 in to get that burn going again.
  5. I never really had issues with skill latency before the recent game update, but now sometimes I'll sit there mashing buttons trying to dodge or not die and NOTHING happens. This lag can last anywhere between 1 second or as much as 5 or 6 seconds. I've used but my net seems to be normal. Is there a way to test my ping to the server? Is anyone else having a lot of latency just recently? :S
  6. Want to buy weapon skins but won't until...

    Yea I really want the valentines day bangle skin. But knowing me- later on I'll want to change it and it would be a big waste of money :(
  7. Game won't start.

    It's happening to me to. and I was just about to try that- hopefully it works x_x
  8. During the last CBT there was actually a "christmas event" thing going on where you could open a random box thing once a day that you could buy oufits from for 1 copper. I don't know if it will come back next year exactly like that but... yea. Those outfits were pretty much free from that event thing.
  9. It's times like that, that make me wish it was a full pvp game XD Nuke them all in 1 go~!! Mwahahaha
  10. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    I can't read faction chat either anymore. My blocklist is full. I logged on and blocked at least 10 spammers. and then 5 minutes later about 10 more popped up. Goodbye faction chat! You will be somewhat missed :C
  11. I officially can't continue on anymore XD

    yea my friend that just started to play the game is having the same problem :( Can't get through that quest and all the main quests are in that particular area.
  12. You guys think this is allowed?

    How did you guys actually put the gif on your profile though? I've tried everything and it either doesn't work or spams "failed to upload" >-<;;; I can make the gifs fine.. but can't figure out how to get them in there lol
  13. You guys think this is allowed?

    I just used this program to make my gifs. I recorded at 20 FPS in the program (thank you Iolar for finding this for me!!) And then I used this website to upload it to show you the finished product!! This was my first time doing this and I'm very pleased with the result. :) These I made in less than 5 minutes each. Altho I did not play with man of the features or make a proper loop out of them. but I think it looks really nice :3
  14. FM Build?

    Personally I've been following this persons videos and I like their build. But it's best if you really experiment with all the talents and find what really works for yourself best :3 Edit: About 25 seconds or into the video she shows her talent build. Watch tons of videos to, to give yourself an idea of where to start I guess :3
  15. Master Pack in game items

    Don't delete your old character with the master pack items. Read the news :3
  16. Refunds - NCSoft please respond!

    If it takes you hours to figure out whether a server is going to be over populated or not, then I do feel really really sad for you. If you manage to get a refund- good for you. It only takes getting burned like this once to remember to check ahead of time for the next game. Having played other games b4 with ridiculous que times, I think most of the players on other servers besides the 2 highest populated for each region have most likely gone through the frustration that you are right now. It sucks, but you learn from it. The next new game that you wanna play you'll know ahead of time to check out the forums and look around ahead of time.
  17. Refunds - NCSoft please respond!

    Did you not play on any of the CBTs?? During the VERY FIRST CBT. Mushin already had over a 2hour que time. How could you get an in-game warning if you can't get into the game? You didn't read any of the announcements, or forums, or twitter, or facebook, or literally any of their social media to try and get an early determination about which server would be best to go for? You've never heard of the server with the most streamers is the server with the hardest que time? have you ever gamed b4 bruh? lol All jokes aside. The situation is still balls but it's not 100% NCSoft that caused it. It's probably 90% community caused. Blame yourself for having a lack of judgement ahead of time, and everyone else who had the same lack of judgement. EDIT: Also- for all the people saying that NCSoft should have limited the players that could create on the server, people would STILL complain about their guild and friends being forced to split up. So GG of that front. Yall aren't happy no matter what. There are plenty of people playing on mushin that will patiently wait through the que times to stay on their dedicated server. <_<
  18. Refunds - NCSoft please respond!

    I think that the company is handling it very well despite the negative feedback from all the people who demand to be on mushin. Does nobody remember archeage early access????? or launch????? This situation is 90 times better right now than that. They are offering you a FREE chance to switch servers and keep your name and items. Like other people are saying- it's not their fault that so many people decided to only pile onto 1 server. We're all HUMAN and humans make mistakes. The only mistake I see is that NCSoft trusted the community to be smart enough not to pile onto ONE SERVER, and guess what. They were wrong. <_<;; And yea. I'll defend NCSoft and defend the game and be a "white knight" and slandered because it's a GOOD GAME. It's worth the minor (Repeat MINOR) bullshit that happens during launch. Que times is NORMAL for a launch. Get used to it if you wanna online game.
  19. Solution? SImple

  20. Hi, if you're new to free to play games...

    I'm sorry I just had to post this cause it's so funny. lol But by all means- yea just relax and be glad that the problems are actively being worked on <3
  21. Premium Member Queue

    I'm not on mushin server but I support allowing players to transfer their founder items to a different server... My clan learned from the first hour of CBT1 that mushin was going to be heavily overpopulated and we all quickly relocated to one of the different servers... If that many dedicated players spread across all of the servers, they would all have a better chance of surviving later in the game imho.
  22. Server locked down

    This post was made 8 hours ago and this news was posted 11 hours ago. Try to check both the forum announcements as well as the main page news But the server will be open for creation again after those times so fear not and jut be patient :3
  23. Because of the high population on some servers. They are doing sort of a rolling black out on character creations on all the servers to balance the populations out better. Here is the announcement about it.
  24. Costumes Censored?

    EDIT: Thanks all for the replies. ^_^ It won't bother me so much now that I know what the original outfit looked like. I looked high and low for a topic about this but all I found were rant threads about Text and quests being censored. My question is- are costumes being censored? Current costume in question is the First Steps outfit that was placed in the Hongmoon store for CBT3. It appears... as though it's been censored. Or is this how the costume is supposed to look on females? These..brown.. leggings? Are underneath the underwear. They almost appear to look like her skin has suddenly changed color. All those previously mentioned rant threads about censored text mentioned that costumes would not be censored- This is the only version of the game I have played so anyone with knowledge whether this is how it's supposed to look or not would be appreciated~ :wacko: