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  1. Correct, if i'm going to have latency issues on a game I wouldn't play full stop there's plenty out there and this is only 1 of many I play.
  2. If you want to play a game which is constantly going to crash/lag/have errors then if you enjoy that I suppose that's fine but for me personally I wouldn't see the fun in that.
  3. Completely understand they want to play this game however it was released in EU/NA regions so it wasn't intended for OCE, best thing you can do is wait until they release the game in that region because your not going to enjoy PvP at all coming up against players with 29 ping such as me.
  4. I hardly doubt 50% of players use WTFast, only people outside the NA/EU should have the use for it, if your using it and your inside the NA/EU they you need to get a new ISP because you shouldn't be having any issues.
  5. That's something you need to take up with the developers of WTFast it has nothing to do with NCSoft as they have already stated it isn't official or supported by them, it would be stupid for them to change the game to support a minimal amount of players using a 3rd party program.
  6. If your playing NA from the EU then you will get lag unfortunately there's no workaround for that
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