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  1. assisne tab dont work

    so i diten find any topic about this so i try making one and sorry if ther is one all rdy .. but when assisne fight summeners and the grabbel you whit the cat you tab skill dont Work at all even when you got talent point to get out of it i loss like 50 % of the games cos of that bug the get like free wins when we get tab bug its been up for now 2 mabye 3 weeks now and you havent fix it will it be fix 2th march or we just got live whit that our tab skill wont Work as it shoud ?? .. sorry for my bad English but atlew you get the point of what im asking
  2. WTF you guys do for 4 houres ?????

    ROFL and you forgot the other most Importen part right in that messeget or you diten what to read it rember this as well Based on the community's feedback, we have implemented the below highly requested features: We have added a level 10 or below chat restriction for Region, Faction and Party Finder Chat Channels We have removed the level restriction to report a bot or spammer
  3. OMG what hell you Guys been doing ?? gold sell stil up and keep coming lv 10 in chant not appley hmm good on make it so no limit to report / block ppl unlimit ROFL my ass .. are you Guys serious about this .. 4 houres and not a singe think that are importen been fix great Work yuou Guys
  4. gettin disconeted / error

    when i want to change my char i get disnotete or and error when i do so its start in cbt3 and it stil doinge it in cbt4 is ther a resoen why cant seem to find the problem
  5. poisen breath assisen tree

    think poisen breath is not working as it shoud on the wepside it say it supose to heal 50 % in the game it only do put 2 poisen on target when criting is that supose to be like that or the the wepside talent tree wrong just been told the talentree is 3,0 and the skill in game is 3,0 so think its a bug or fail in the tree