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  1. Really can not remember where my FM logged out at. And no, the error report gives no code nor info about what is causing it.
  2. Every time i try to load up the game with my FM it goes to loading screen and then crashes to desktop with the B&S error report showing up. This only happens on my FM. I can play my Summoner, Warlock, or any other character just fine. Why the hell is it crashing on just one character?????
  3. The resist thing is the enrage timer. You have 4-5 min to beat him(shows on his HP bar at start of fight). If you do not beat the timer he is invulnerable. And most of the bosses in Mushin floors 7+ will have something called True Sight. It's an actual buff that makes them see through invisibility.
  4. This will just lead to people zoning in and out till they find a channel near ready to pop MM or Poh. Very bad idea.
  5. I call horseshit on this. I have had to reque for a blue dungeon 15 times in a row to get a non bot/afk party. I refuse to help these cheating bitches get anything of value and if i get locked out due to this, then i will be done with this game.
  6. After years of uncontrollable bots on AION, i have little faith that NC will do anything drastic about the bots. They have a very poor track record with dealing with them so i would not hold your breath.
  7. Seriously, learn to use Bastion and Sanctum.... Those are a god send when u are getting focused. Bastion alone iframes damage 5 times while active, and sanctum causes anything outside the area to not be able to target you. Stop bitching about the class being crappy (yes we know it got nerfed to hell but needed it) but learn how to effectively use it and when the buff comes (it "should" receive one since the nerf was really harsh) you will be ready to start doing much better. I find the class fun as hell, albeit squishy once your defenses are on CD, in PvE. Once you nail down your rotation you
  8. Only one ive seen is Skyforge. No bots in the game due to nothing is tradeable. No money to be made from RMT. Game sucks due to weekly caps on progression though.
  9. This topic cracking me up. Specially when i run this with 400+ atp players and i'm flipping taking aggro from bosses on my 366atp summoner..... Yes gear does help(no i don't have the 25 atp diamond, used on warlock, hence why atp low) but rotation/ani cancel and skill will win every time no matter how geared you are.....
  10. Atm i prefer the helix rotation, Wingstorm> shackle> helix x 3>leech> repeat while weaving in LMB if your ping is good enough. Prob wont switch to dragoncall till i get the HM book, then it is the highest dmg output.
  11. Got mine to 36 the first night, had to take a break yesterday due to doctor visits and RL crap(found out i have to have 2 discs removed from my back ><). As a result mine is only 39 atm. But it's ok i was fully upgraded Infernal+10 as of first night(saved up alot of stuff for Warlock). Get to play all day today so barring disconnects hopefully ill be 45 and upgrading to siren gear later today!!
  12. Weirdly i had the same issue the first day on Warlock as i got close to the end of Cinderlands. Got to level 36 and went to the area of Naryu Temple. Started d/c'ing about every 10-15 min after that. Also chat became mostly unusable(only say and whisper worked). Played only a little bit yesterday but i did not seem to have any connection problems other than weird skill delay and a few 5-10 sec freezes where i thought i was going to d/c. Might be an influx of new F2P characters making warlocks putting some strain on the servers + some bugs needing to be fixed.
  13. Whisper and /say is only 2 working for me when i was last logged in. Clan, faction, region, and party chat were all broken and not working at all.
  14. I dont mind it. I would click so fast the quest would accept/finish, and then it would open another chat dialog lol. Works fine by me.
  15. Loving it so far. Got to level 36 even with 6 random d/c's messing with me. I will say it's burst is awesome. I hit 5500 crit at level 20 in Blackram Narrows with a buffed Dragoncall. In party play... if you know how to play it you better hope you have a good tank. Otherwise you will peel pretty easy. I'm pulling hate off 45's in ToE at 36 lol.
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