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  1. its not instant if im not mistake it scales with level -though honestly i havent had to wait longer than something like 7 or 8 mins max so far - sure im premium but i also figure out if i like i class or not in short order - i can usually tell by level 10 the latest if it doesnt feel like its getting better to play i quit and delete then make a new one on another slot- then again i upgraded to masters while they had it up so i do have 7 char slots right now :/

  2. 22 hours ago, Forcekin said:


    Nice sentence! Here, you need these more than I do: ,,,,,,,,,,,.......!!!!!!????------;;;;;;;

    honestly nice try i just dont care enough to use proper punctuation as im usually typing it out and moving on not really investing a lot of time on it so thanks but its no biggie to me either way :P lol

  3. ok so im just gonna point 1 small thing out and its only in regards to the 2 character slots for f2p that you start with- fun fact thats actually the norm these days i have no idea what games you are talking about or how long its been for you however i can tell you this much many many games these days that are f2p only give you about 2 character slots to start with unless you buy more also im not talking older games basically anything roughly after say 2010 ish that kinda just became the norm so your rage at only getting 2 character slots is a bit inconceivable to me as thats been fairly typical of f2p model mmo's for about 6yrs now while some rare ones do give you more they are the ones that are a bit offbeat with whats typical sorry to say but thats just how it typically is these days its not outlandish nor outrageous its normal your rage in so far as this specific concern goes is a bit erm baffling as its not all that rare to find f2p games that do this but whatever your you im me dont agree if you dont want to its completely your choice im not gonna argue im just stating what i know to be common knowledge

  4. hrm honestly i dont think it would be all that impossible to put an instanced housing system just dont do anything ridiculously over the top make them all roughly the same other than that perhaps if ppl want better furniture or something it could be added as something that could be purchased in the cash shop as it would still be cosmetic - i mean like it comes with a basic nice setup but you can buy through the shop or something fancy or different style furniture to customize it a bit but again just basic stuff would probably be enough still i wont be holding my breath even though it would be something to boost the shop sales and micro transactions with

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