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  1. Ok something needs to change

    ill agree with you but my overall point wasnt to stand there and report report report and dont enjoy the game it was report some and keep moving along - if we all do this then it should help atleast a little - as there is a fairly significant player count at this point in time and if each of us just grabbed a couple and reported them at random spottings it would add up - whereas there are many who are simply coming on the forums here and complaining instead of even reporting a single one - i know what you mean that if you sat there all day trying to report them all it would be entirely your loss - this is true but if each and every person were to simply report 1 or 2 or 3 or you get my point not the whole lot but just the first couple we could catch and then go about our business it would amount to a fairly large amount of reports in a short and constant amount of time and give the teams behind the scenes something to work with - is it perfect no but then no such thing actually exists in this life so all we can do is achieve the best we can and i think with an approach like this it might make enough of a difference to actually give the teams hunting the bots down a chance to do some good instead of the forums teams nothing but headaches because people complain but dont use the features given to them to try and counter it in the slightest - im not calling it perfect im calling it a start
  2. Pay2win or not, opinions?

    thats still entirely irrelevant as it only speeds things up for them it does NOT give them any tangible means to be more powerful than any other player that has achieved the same level - meaning its in no way really pay to win
  3. Pay2win or not, opinions?

    honestly speaking as long as it doesnt actually give them a conceivable edge in game other then they advanced a little faster i personally - no you dont have to agree with me its MY opinion for a reason - dont find it to be pay to win a bit of a shallow move on NCsofts part yes but eh as long as they dont make those rng boxes the mainstay i dont mind so much - that is to say as long as they keep them to very small and NON ESSENTIAL items that while it would be convenient to buy but not needed to buy i dont feel its pay to win under these specific circumstances = praying it stays just to this extent as any further and itll make other things that people currently do pay for feel less worth it
  4. Ok something needs to change

    i see a lot of people complain about bots but many of them wont report them claiming its too much hassle - well then how the heck do you expect them to know about those specific bots ?? is my question - mind you this is obviously not aimed at people who actually bother to report the bots when they find them or see them or read them in chat
  5. To all Destroyers.

    what in the actual heck did i just watch Q_Q my eyes feel like they want to bleed lmfao
  6. im just gonna say this they need to not follow what other companies do they need to NOT put rng boxes people absolutely hate those in cash shops sure theres 1 out right now but please for the love of creation get away ncsoft get away from them they are the literal plague of mmo's these days
  7. just one small fix to this they dont even care about winning anymore its more like all they care about is 'WHINING" lol
  8. okay so im just gonna put this out there : EVERY new mmo for years now has had these spammers as an issue - yes even pay to play = there is simply no escaping them - that said NCsoft has taken several fairly significant steps towards fighting the issue with the new "block spammer" contextual option - which has a cap of 200 and is easily maintained - further information on this feature is in news and announcements if your curious about it - also that feature auto reports them at the same time - perfect solution? no but then again there is no perfect solution especially since even ip banning them wont work because most if not all of them spoof their ip's or use vpn's and such to get around it - but they are countering them as best they can as they go - that said those gold spammers are run by typically illegal companies and set up in such a way that you cant find who owns them = typically anyhow, thing is they can ban the accounts as they go - which i believe they are doing its just that they are so proliferant that ncsoft just likely is stuck behind the 8ball on this one and probably simply dont have the means to keep up- that said there are systems in place to counter them - its not perfect but nothing is and this is one of those problems that no company has found a really solid and or anywhere near permanent solution to yet - at least they like any other mmo company out there are trying to fight them off - its just that its a loosing war no matter what company would be in charge of it :(
  9. Trash war

    im only gonna point out 1 flaw in your sports related theories and that that if the opposition doesnt show the team that did typically wins by default as the other team basically forfeits the match - other then that im not saying anything in regards to anything just that your comparison is somewhat flawed on a fundamental level 0_o
  10. Software that reduces the PING, causing ban?

    actually there was another thread of this nature and the forum mods said to make a support ticket to bring it to their attention - how that worked out for any who did idk im just saying they are aware that that is happening - not sure if its just a detection program thats being wierd with those programs or what - but that you should be able to bring it to them and try to get it undone anyhow best of luck to you

    actually i recently tried L2 its not bad but it definitely needs some serious TLC from the people running it if they ever want to see it get even a little popular again - as it stands you can log in and see a literal river of bots in the newbie area - especially the earthean race ( not sure if i spelled that right lol) its actually bad enough i sat there for a couple of minutes wondering what in the name of all creation i was seeing

    3? you know that your weapon only takes dmg when you get cced or downed right? just saying im fairly certain it doesnt degrade from just using it
  13. Master loot is an issue

    first thank you for the response its good to know the forums do get looked at to an extent, secondly they could just make it so that the loot system requires the teams vote to ok it if the team votes no the change gets denied - it works fine that way in other games and makes sense - even if it can be a bit annoying when someone keeps trying because they want to be greedy so they use it as a form of whining anyhow just some thoughts on a possible suggestion for the fix as it would leave it but make it so they couldnt just change it freely :)

    honestly i feel like the respawn timer for it should be less than it is as it does feel like a long wait also i feel like they arent fully monitoring this bot farming issue - i hope they can find ways to atleast reduce this significantly soon as its really hurting the game quite a lot from where i stand anyhow hope this improves soon - the game itself isnt bad but things happening as they are is making it seem bad because of things outside ncsofts doing such as the bots
  15. bump for fix to ninjaloot

    ok while im not saying this doesnt happen fortunately it hasnt happened to me personally - i would say either remove it or make it so that its a vote to change system so that the group will catch it when they try to pull this and be able to actually veto it anyhow just my 2 cents on that