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  1. Title. I have been feeling this since the last few patches. Why so rush on opening the new chapter? Few people just upgraded their weapon to awk scorpio and many of them stuck at true breeze b/c they are short of mats to upgrade it. Right now even though we get the awk scorpio but we havent covered from the cost we used to upgrade it. Plus, true breeze are still farming mats to upgrade their weapon. Opening the new weapon path too fast will just crush the most player, making more people to leave the game because the gap between the rich and poor are too obviously and it also accelerate the discrimination of low ap player.
  2. normally ppl ask ap requirement for a fast run; experienced player can prob do 4yeti 2/3m
  3. Summoners are BROKEN

    My main is a summoner and my alt is a kfm. I can tank 4-man Poharan using my kfm, so I think I am qualified to saying this, summoner isn't a tank. Bad summoner can mess up everything. Plus, summoner doesn't have the best aoe, bm/destroyer does. A summoner who really knows how to play summoner doesn't consider being a visible person in the team, they support the party from behind. I myself use taunt when 1.tank is in critical condition, 2. I am dying. We can cc monsters is mostly because we are ranged class. And probably most people hate summoner so they are asking us to do the job. But, before you ordered us to cc, did you even consider what our duty in the party is. We can help you dodge some damage you are about to take, but my hands are busy because I am cc-ing the tigers. I am not saying summoner shouldn't take the job but please, don't demand us to do something that all ranged class can do. Other than these, idk why most people said summoner has the best atk...I was like wtf... Summoner is probably the easiest class to play among all the others but it is the least rewarding when you get familiar with this game. Check the professional player's video and you know what I mean. Sorry for the wrong spelling, was using phone to typing the whole thing :P
  4. Almost 1000 Gold!!!

    obviously a bot owner, or an otaku if you what what this means. BNS you need to react to this. Yesterday spammer and now this.
  5. What do people thing about future Q time?

    I was in the Q at the 13XX-th place and now I am at the 14XX-th... WTH
  6. I don't have exact answer to this in the NA version, but in the CN and TW version(which I googled), HP of familiar depends on soul shield, your weapon, the accessories you wear, gems, cat's violence/cat's talent(skill), and level of your character (which affect your ATK, DEF, HP, CRT, etc.). In JP/CN/TW versions, there is no sign of cap HP for the cat so far (no idea about KR/RU). You can youtube some videos and you should find the same answer.
  7. LGBT clan in NA servers?

    No need to reveal your sexuality, as long as you understand written English, you should be welcomed by any guild. And if you are not good at English and you can't find any guild that you are comfortable with, you are welcome to find me. No need to hurt your feeling. So far there is no LGBT guild or anything like that. But I can tell you there is some in the game but they are keeping low. I know a few myself. Okay someone fould it XD
  8. For me: tab+(LB+RB)+(LB+RB)+(LB+RB)+(LB+RB)+(LB+RB)+RB+RB+RB+RB+RB. 1+F, C,V, and other skills use when needed. For the advantage of summoner I will say, 1. There is a cat to help you (or say, the cat is part of you). 2. You can pretty much solo every non-epic dungeon easily. 3. You must be an important member of the team (not just a DPS, you need to help other party members when necessary) 4. Does not require much technique as melees 5. You can sleep while fighting boss because it is not as exciting as melees, and your party member may sleep on the floor because of you <<okay thats a joke I don't do PVP so I cannot say anything about it. Okay my bad. I should put F in the starter. Quote from Moist: Post below me has a decent understanding listen to him . l . l . l . l .... V
  9. price of membership?

    I know $75 n $125s' have the membership within the pack. But, in fact, all I want is the membership only. If a membership is not going to cost me 50$ per month I am not gonna upgrade my $25 founder pack. I know the master pack is fancy but it is so costly.... OMG
  10. price of membership?

    Any1 knows the approx price of 30days membership at launch? I am deciding whether to upgrade the founder pack or not...
  11. Ask for a Beta key here.

    I've sent you the key for this beta. Check your inbox :)