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  1. Rude, unacceptable Support behaviour

    that is rude of them, but please don't punch kittens :c thats not nice
  2. Lovely B&S crashes...

    Indeed they ''fixed'' it >.<.. I'm playing on the EU server and it only got worse so I don't know what their definition of ''fixed'' is xD..
  3. Lovely B&S crashes...

    I usually don't make these kinds of topics but I just reached my limit of patience. K so I finally got my motivation back to properly gear up my characters, but lately (especially after the new patch) I keep crashing over and over again. It really pisses me off. I'm a person with a lot of patience but I'm about to give up. Every time I do a dungeon, there is a 90% chance that i'm going to crash and lose my run, I can even crash if i'm just standing. Like today I did awakened necropolis and I noticed that I started to lag a bit (yes I put my settings on low) and guess what?.. I crashed at the boss and you guys know it's a annoyingly long dungeon to do. NCSoft really needs to get their sht together and fix the base problems instead of adding junk to it which makes it even worse to play. Does anyone has any tips to decrease the chances of getting crashed? Sorry for this topic but I'm just so done with this and it's such a waste since I LOVE this game.
  4. More often disconnects after latest patch?

    Thought I was the only one.. I keep dc, at least every hour. Really annoying =_=
  5. X Secret customes

    I want !
  6. That's very true.. I was too curious. Glad I didn't purchase it.
  7. Do you guys think it's worth it to buy for example 30 keys? Tomorrow this event will end and I might want to take a shot, but as mentioned... it's 100% rgn >_> not that lucky with casino games.
  8. Why you quit?

    Do the GM's even read these kind of posts? I mean there are a lot of good feedback for them to make the game more appealing to the communitybase. I agree with a lot of the comments here, and it should be fixed asap! I'm not going to put any money in this game until i know it's worth it. I keep remaking characters since it's way more funner to lvl them up then to farm, pvp, gather money for endgame content. Which you'll have to do after every new expansion, just like Tera =_=''. Hope they do read this topic and at least comment on them that we know that they take the feedback and suggestions into consideration( I know I would if I want this game to be successful).
  9. Servers Down?

    i knew this was going to happen. My client kept crashing through out the day. Hope they can fix it soon.
  10. Queue is BS!!!

    Maybe its a stupid question but i just want to make this sure. They added a hotfix so do i need to restart my game and re-enter my queue so it gets installed or not? :o
  11. Client keeps crashing

    I have the same issue. My client keeps crashing for no reason and it happens on different times.