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  1. outfit, pet, weapon skin (rng box 1/week) (Angler Pearl) Poharan and True Poharan soul shild (no rng box) Poharan's Psyche / Pirate Psyche / Chrysus Psyche / Tayjin's Psyche / Soryan's Psyche / Upsurge psyche Challenger's Token (Angler Pearl) 10.000.000 exp charm (limit: 7/week or 1/day) (Angler Pearl) Reputation Charm (Angler Pearl) RNG gold chast (1.000 - 10.000 gold - 1/day/account) (F10 free key/day for premium member) Skystealer Cristal Pouch or Box (1 solar energy) Legendary Insignia Chest / Unity Stone Chest / Etching Stone Chest Eth
  2. Lucky revitalizer don't work in the normal dungeons F8. It's buggy if the bosses kill me, the character dies and doesn't recharge the hp, but also removes the charm and I'm dead. @Green Storm
  3. Hello, I think it is worth doing the improvements if there is a 5% chance of the evolution accesories, weapon and we failed to get 1.5% evolution progress, and then our next evolution would increase succesion to 6.5% success, if e.g. We have 35% evolution progress, the next evolution succes should be 40% (35%+5%=40%).
  4. Hello, Many people want to update the pet aura and the talisman, just don’t dare as you keep the players in awe because you don’t give out any information about the situation. This is not the solution they have done. What should people do, improve or not?
  5. Ticket Nr:#23597812 IGN: Hinoshi Server: Jinsoyun (EU) Many clothes had rng box, trove, etc ...
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