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  1. i have the same issue. at least they are aware of it. Not funny when others can run more than me ffs -.-
  2. at least we got a fast answer wich is worthy of praise. yes hes talking about the server.
  3. Just got dc-ed and shows server maintenance is this an actual thing? Emergency maint?
  4. Thank you for the suggestion will try as you said. ^_^
  5. upon further researching i know bns buddy has a feature that forces all cores to be used, would that help stabilize the client?
  6. im allready running 32-bit since 64 bit wont start at all.
  7. Hello fellow B&S players, Today i am in the desperate need of solid techie advice, As i am experiencing some silly random crashes without any reason whatsoever. My specs: OS: WIn 10 Pro x64 Intel(R) Core i5-7600k CPU @ 3.8Ghz x4 (quad) Ram: 16gb Corsair Vengeance SSD: Samsung 960 Evo 250 GB Vid: GeForce GTX 1050 Ti - 4GB i am running B&S at max settings (no shadows) at constant 120 fps including any raids any sort of suggestions or input is greatly appreciated as these crashes happen anywhere and at any point
  8. disconnect . disconnect and more game crash.....fml
  9. So far we all know that this update has been catastrophic.... ofc nobody ever tests these things otherwise this would never happen ....but duh -.-. 1: no xp from mobs 2: all instance bosses are higher level and accuracy on pt fights is useless aka evasion on bosses. example: almost failed EC with full party where people usually solo this crap. Basicly all the big instances are ridiculously hard to complete unless u slot an insane ammount of accuracy but this patch was for lv 55 and the accuracy diferrence is proportional to player lvl. I call that gamebreaking. 3: boss
  10. Like they give a shiet.... just blind everyone with shiny new trove .. they will never notice the gamebreaking issues.
  11. So this is becoming ridiculous .... the 6v6 ive done the pas weeks are behaving exactly the same and im speaking for a great majority of the game population who are experiencing the same issue: every time i join a 6v6 and im not the only one but i get teamed up agains the exact same enemy over and over again ex :(last night i had the same enemy exactly the same party members 8 whirlwind runs in a row) and this is NOT the first time its happening, it has happened before i thought its just a fluke. As far as i know there is some illegal program that lets a certain ammount of people be in
  12. Ofcourse this was done intentionally..... how else are they gona fill in the gaps for the 400k goal? xD
  13. ring and earring only regardless of your build but preferably lightning aka lode ring(3rd boss) + supernova earring(first boss). on another chapter u want DT necklace + NF necklace for set effect but dont take them more than stage 6 its a waste of resources
  14. if you want constant dps rotation use primal force since bd damage comes mainly from lightning flash wich resets Z for 1 sec on every use, also your z brings a verry nice elemental boost. magnum is only for storm blade burst wich doesnt rly help in the long run.
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