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  1. When you're interested just get in touch with us. If you do not feel like it's the right thing for you it's no problem!
  2. Hey there! We, Dhain, Zhennon and Coconut Ice, are searching for the missing man, woman or Lyn in our 4-man group! Who we are We are three players from the Konvict Gaming Blade and Soul Section. All three of us have good to very good knowledge of most 6-man dungeons. We mainly aim for having fun and so should you. Our group is rather casual, we want to progress and learn mechanics together and not in the shortest time possible. You should also keep in mind t
  3. Just want to give a shout out to those guys! I felt very welcomed my first time on TS and without asking I got help with the newer dungeons I never did before. I can only recommend you to join them (and me me too... if you'd like) :)
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