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  1. best way to farm YUNSANG PRAYER BEAD?

    Yes that is the best way to get the beads.
  2. Perhaps get gud and learn the class and not cry and beg for nerfs just because YOU struggle to beat them. Having an understanding of how the classes work goes a long way and the best way to do this is to play the classes yourself.
  3. dual sword class

    Would have to take it up with the KR devs.
  4. So are you just ignoring this?

    Want to fix ping issues? All ya have to do play on the servers closest to you. If you are Closer to EU play EU servers if Closer to NA Play NA. If you EU and playing on NA expect not so great ping and vice versa. Its also a good idea to have good internet and a good PC. If you are already playing on the closest servers then ya might want to look into getting your internet upgraded if possible and perhaps a more powerful pc.
  5. Holiday Bash Gift Pack Registration Feedback

    I never got a successfully registered window but when I press it again it does says I have already registered so just press it again to check like that others here suggest
  6. Gunslinger's F2 bugs

    Its being looked into no ETA tho
  7. Character Info bugged in F8

    How weird the issue is being caused by the Legendary SS. Sadly having them unequipped is not ideal especially in f8 and in many cases not even possible since people have say 2 sets of Legendary ss as main and alt.
  8. Character Info bugged in F8

    Same issue here on my gunner. The rest of my chars show up just fine. Seems to be affecting only gunslingers. Issue is same outside of F8 as well
  9. Can't take out items bought in f10

    I read the notes the day they were posted and knew of the change. However I am still unable to retrieve some my items.
  10. Can't take out items bought in f10

    Same issue for me as well. I have items from the last few days from the dash that are also grayed now. I submitted a ticket regarding it. Still waiting for a reply...
  11. When will the game get difficult?

    Story wise pve is easy. Raid wise its hard unless you are a whale.
  12. Story Quest XP nerf....

    Also Exp was never nerffed but instead has been buffed a few times threw content updates and temp buff events that add onto the already buffed exp.
  13. Quality of life changes that NEED to happen

    OH A missing quility of life change that would be epic a server wide account storage
  14. Quality of life changes that NEED to happen

    Yes NCwest does have a team for feedback. They look in the feedback forum not so much here in GD. I dont think they had to go ask KR to undo a mail cost change.
  15. pistols issues

    You can buy the Hongmoon Brilliant Viridian key and Hongmoon Brilliant Cinderlands key from the dragon express. It only takes 6 hours to make 2 Hongmoon Brilliant keys in the raidiant ring crafting guild.
  16. Quality of life changes that NEED to happen

    Take note NCSOFT West cant make any of these changes even if they wanted to. Only the Devs in KR (Team Bloodlust) can make such changes. Best to ask them to make the request instead of telling them to make the changes.
  17. pistols issues

    Join Radiant Ring and Craft Hongmoon Brilliant keys there pretty cheep to make. Problem solved.
  18. infinity tower

    Tower is a AI cheat fest. Being unable to fight back because ur skills are on CD while the AIs are pretty much always off CD. I find this especially noticeable with AI destros and there never ending chain stun till your dead.
  19. The Levelling Challenge Reward

    and to answer your 2nd question for every char u reach 45 on during the event you will get a outfit but you only get the items for the first char to 45
  20. The Levelling Challenge Reward

    you have till the 23rd before the maintenance starts that day. Once it starts and your not 45 yet your out of luck.
  21. The Levelling Challenge Reward

    No you will not. You had to hit 45 before the maintenance yesterday to be able to get it today.
  22. The Levelling Challenge Reward

    No you wont get this one. You will get it on the 24th/25th.
  23. The Levelling Challenge Reward

    EU servers will receive the items at 2am Friday 18th Which is 6pm Thursday 17th for NA servers.
  24. The Levelling Challenge Reward

    All Time Zones regarding 6 PM PST Just use this chart. All event times are based off where NCWest is based.