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  1. The "Share your Couples" Thread

    My boyfriend and I with our summoner/blade dancer and force master/assassin duo u v u;;
  2. Hello Kitty

    lol i will never understand ppl who jump on costume posts or character appearance show off posts and then complain about how we should be focusing on bugs and other necessities when there are separate threads for that |: it just makes you look silly tbh. just go whine on those threads that are practically made for the same purpose you're crying about. Jesus. Anyways, I hope the Lynn costumes aren't just the Hello Kitty mascot but they also get the hello kitty sweater/shorts and apron combo :C
  3. Obiligatory Lyn Male Lover's Show Off Thread.

    My boyfriend's blade dancer && his super duper adorable warlock.
  4. Soo...that Lyn maid costume...

    I just love flat bows, low quality textures that are copy + paste, and horrible reskins! Seriously, if they're going to copy and paste bullshit through every design, they need to hire someone new.
  5. Soo...that Lyn maid costume...

    I actually think the other race costumes are just as bad; looks like they just rushed to make something 'sexy' but ugh ... though, lots of people are extremely satisfied by the costumes bc fanservice lol ... I like fanservice but in good quality and taste. :c Lyn isn't too far from Yun lol esp since Yun = reskin of "Soulmate" but uglier and Gon's white fishnets are also flat and ugly and poor quality
  6. Fabric

    That's ridiculous. :c
  7. New costumes today? (march 25th)

    Yeah, I know. NCSoft is only the publisher c: I just wish the creators didn't lazily design the outfits for the females just for the sake of looking sexy D: I like sexy but in quality.
  8. New costumes today? (march 25th)

    Press F3 for your wardrobe and check in the Hongmoon Store section (: Ahah! I get that, my Lynn is loli but not loli enough ): I made her tall-ish/adult-like and I feel like long legs kind of ruin the cuteness needed for that outfit. Yeah :3c my bf as well is getting it for his male assassin. It's the only non-lore costume he'd get because it reminds him of his warrior from TERA o:
  9. New costumes today? (march 25th)

    If I had to be honest, I feel like they could have done better with the maid outfits coming out soon ): I mean, what happened to the quality for the females races? Jin = the transparent short sleeves look random ... I mean, it would have looked better as a solid black color. Yun = the reskin of Soulmate (I'm not sure why they did this ...) in which Soulmate looks 10x better. Lynn = looks like a shirt, weird shoes. Though, it looks good on tiny cutesy Lynns. Gon = It's hideous. Wtf the white fishnets that look poorly done? Honestly, I was hoping for stockings, thigh belts/garters, pantyhoses, etc. :C However, I think it looks ridiculously good on males (the butler outfit). Though, curiously wondering what's everyone's opinion on it. Getting it or not?
  10. Triss from witcher(preset request)

    An attempt with Kun bc OP originally possibly wanted the Kun race for Triss. Bonus: Yennifer LOL
  11. I guess "homely" doesn't fit right. She just looks average like any other NPC just that she has pink frilly clothes lol otherwise she looks like the typical jin preset? :c