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  1. Like people mentioned here. - equipping the uniform = you giving consent to pvp. (why add something else?, the game has other issues) - when you die with a pvp uniform on, you can unequip it when you re spawn (press 3 instead of 4, and you will spawn naked, but no one can attack you) - you get a system warning(in chat) when you equip a pvp uniform - unequiping has a cast time (obviously to prevent trolling) If someone is killing you constantly, either change channel, or give up on farming with that costume. No one is forcing you to wear that outfit.
  2. I'm assuming you still have a purple quest in progress or something. (the one from the desert were you need to deliver an item?) You can't get a new one until you finished the previous one. (if i'm not mistaken) If there is no purple quests, and you can't wall walk using shift, then yeah, contact support.
  3. Just to point out. The reason you get crystals easy it's because they are bound. They were added exactly to make things easier for casual players. You know, to get materials and upgrade easy (through dailies and events), instead of grinding pve and pvp. Make them tradable? sure they can do that, but would you want 500 bound materials or 20 tradable ones? 20 wouldn't be enough for an upgrade, so rather than making money, you would loose money, because you would need to buy the rest from hardcore farmers.
  4. All 3 require good ping if I'm not mistaken, Hard to tell which is one is worst ( I'm inclined to think gunslinger is less depending on ping) Not sure how you measured your ping. Might not be reliable. 110 ping in game is relatively good. BM, is jack of all trades and master of all (lol). Has good damage and can tank. (not all dung needs tanks, but his dps is good enough) Sin is useful in certain situations, and are rarer end game between the 3 you mentioned. Stealth and blue buff is needed sometimes. DMG is good as well. Gunslinger is pure dps. Because of that no on
  5. go summoner -the most versatile, the most fun, the easiest, can be main or an alt, the least gear dependent. -nowadays it's not as hated, from what I saw, so it should be ok cons? - not as good end game as the other 2 (it's average or above in everything) assassin cons - most attacks are single target and he is melee - stealth functions more like a dmg buff in this game because most bosses see stealth, and people can too. pro - god like early game, or if you have OP gear - it's fun to stealth, and skip some mobs and cheese s
  6. 1 character should easily get 150 without much effort. Not sure why you are complaining. check min 16:35 3 per event dungeon - no reset for dungeon- (maybe more? they said something about speed might give you additional rewards at the end) 3 per dailies dungeons 1 for free from store 25 for some weekly raids (?? I THINK ??) Maybe more if you include the stews (guarantee 5 mushrooms), but not sure how do you get them. 60 for completing campaign story 6 weeks - thats about 462 for 1 character if they do everything - 186 for new ch
  7. Why not give all classes heal, stealth, soul burn, fighting spirit, range protection, party protection and range to their attack My kfm would be a lot easier if I could hit a target at 15m by punching air. Keep note that I'm not joking or making fun of you. The classes that have threat skills used to be the weakest and even not wanted in parties. This is kinda untrue now, since stats matter more than a class. but... kfm is still the hardest class to play. bm is an inferior version of blade dancer. No offense, but the only class that should
  8. You don't get weaker. This was discussed when silverfrost was introduced as well. 60% critical chance is against mobs of your level. If you are 50, you have 60% to crit vs level 50 mobs and maybe 50% to crit vs level 55 mobs. Every game does something similar, even WoW. If you have 60% crit vs level 55 mobs, that doesn't mean you have 100% crit vs mobs of level 40 tough. Probably because some sort of crit cap. I did mushin tower before and after silverfrost was introduced without changing gear. Even tough I had less percentages, I did the
  9. search auction house for Oathbreaker You need 3 items ( cost is approximate in eu, it varies a lot from one day to another and not sure of their name) - one cost 4-10 gold - another 6-20 gold - the third one is 30-70 gold make sure you don't buy 2 of the same type
  10. Might be to late, but any class can go with your friend composition. If you make assassin, summoner or another force master, you would have the optimum party for any 4 men dungeon Summoner is the most easiest and less lag dependent but not as fun to play. Ultimately pick a class you enjoy. You can always make more than 1.
  11. SF is good.... for 6 man which allow more versatility in class choices. 4 man usually needs more utility (soulburn from warlock, range immunity/party iframes from summoner/force master/blade master, sometimes party invisibility from assassin, blue buff from kfm/assassin) You can screw party composition if your are at endgame gear tough, but there is always an optimum composition, and SF is not part of that...ever SF has a heal...summoner has a better one, does as much dmg and has other party utilities as well. The classes I see less of are: KFM (low dps
  12. @SoulsHunter ...... I just said i made not 1 but 2 characters level 50. How many did you made? Are you implying that I can't finish main quest with 200-300 AP to get 50 gold? Ok....if you say so.
  13. @SoulsHunter What I do not understand? - in the last 4 weeks I've made 2 characters 400+ AP. I gave them at most 50 gold each( for gems and some moonwater transformation stones). Could have bought cheaper gems. My main already got more gold from them that I gave to them. I only did poharon once on both of them. No other dungeons. I did all the quests in silverforst while doing main story and ended up with 50+ gold which i used on my main. Not really worth it tough. (gold/hour ratio was low as main quest is long) - my main is hongmoon8 with 560AP. Started doing silverfrost
  14. you know you are contradicting yourself right? Lowered geared players will learn nothing with high AP players in a party. If you got someone 600+ in yeti who knows what he is doing, the success rate is close to 100% as he pretty much can solo the thing. High AP rooms doesn't alienate anyone. Lowered gear players should be able to finish themselves up to 50% of players don't have the requirements to be in that dungeon. Teach them how to play? Even God can't succeed if the minimum dps isn't met if everyone went with 45% crit, 120% accuracy (asura+), and minimum required AP ( maybe mo
  15. Dude....OP admitted he went to all those dungeons with 400 AP. How much do you want to bet that he had less than 110% acc and less then 40% crit? He didn't knew mechs and probably still doesn't because he was carried. I hate to burst your bubble, but it's because of you and people like you. I usually use random parties, and you won't believe the nerve of some people. 20% crit rate, less than 350 AP (the guy was hongmoon 10) for dungeons that require 500 average... Here some food for your mind: - with your AP you can solo blackram suply chain. Why don't you? Imag
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