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  1. Desync Problem

    Excessively jumping and causing desync while in Arena is awful. Welcome to the NA PvP community. Just because it's a thing doesn't mean you have to abuse it. Wish it would be addressed but I understand there isn't that much that can be done due to NA's physical size. Summoners and Force Masters are the worst but i've seen it among all the classes. Come on PvP community. -Buddy
  2. ...Look! The door is bigger!

    Even then, data packets aren't shaped like people. Just a fun video to make light of the problems. Nails of all people responding in a serious manner. lol -Buddy
  3. WARNING: To all those that bought a founder's pack

    Yes about 18 hours ago. Still waiting for that to come to fruition. -Buddy
  4. They have a rotation character creation lock implemented. Perhaps just wait a few hours until it passes over your server of choice. Can find the schedule in the forums if you'd like to know exactly. Best of luck -Buddy
  5. Turnaround time for manual transfer

    I logged into Mushin, got 360noscoped by a 420blazeitwoofwoof pro and decided that I was in the wrong place. We all have to learn the hard way. lol -Buddy
  6. Turnaround time for manual transfer

    Posted mine 17+ hours ago. Still waiting back for this manual transfer. Haven't seen or heard of any time table. Best of luck friends. -Buddy
  7. Server Transfer, Anyone have any luck?

    Vicool, Great! Thanks for that heads up! I'll continue to keep an eye on my own case as they begin to tackle some of the ones in front of myself. Thanks again for the link! -Buddy
  8. Server Transfer, Anyone have any luck?

    True, it is Sunday but for their opening weekend for their "premium" launch with their free-to-play launch coming on Monday, I don't believe they have the luxury of taking the weekend off. To me, it would be crunch time. I think there is some activity starting up on the Blade and Soul Ops Twitter account so maybe it's just been a slow start. Understandable again, due to the amount of problems they are trying to handle at once. Again, just looking for some information from anyone who has heard anything. Maybe a Mod who can lend some insight. Thank you -Buddy
  9. Server Transfer, Anyone have any luck?

    TakunDes, Yeah Hime was on a roll yesterday. Super Mod for sure. I understand they are busy, with plenty of other things. But even just a little light in the dark on this subject would be nice. I'm currently leveling a character on a new server with the thought that my original character will take it's place. Again, it's understandable to be dealing with a lot of other things. I really appreciate the new report system in place to report bots and spammers and updating the launcher to deal with the WIN10 problems. They are doing really well, but even just a short post will put a lot at ease. I'm sure i'm not alone in this feeling. -Buddy
  10. Server Transfer, Anyone have any luck?

    For sure, If I hear anything, I'll be sure to update this. I believe Hime was off today and Rikkirii was the moderator for today? Not sure how that goes, but I hope something comes up. I suppose we will find out eventually, for better or worse. Thanks again for your input, Monster. -Buddy
  11. Server Transfer, Anyone have any luck?

    Yeah, any information would be ideal. It still says my support ticket is open, as I'm sure yours is also. So just feel a bit in the dark. Good to know I'm not the only one. Been keeping up with the twitter, reddit, and forum for any updates. Thanks for replying Monster. Hopefully we can get something moving on this, or at least have an idea as to what is happening, or not happening. -Buddy
  12. Server Transfer, Anyone have any luck?

    Hey guys...Numbers here, Was just wondering if anyone had gotten anywhere with the Server Transfers off the Jurassic Park Island that is Mushin. Put in a ticket 15 hours ago, was given a reply saying they weren't doing server transfers at this time, yet the sticky from Hime states that they were going to manually do this. I'm not sure if there is just a miscommunication within NCSOFT but I haven't seen anything involving the server transfers from Mushin, neither good nor bad. Can anyone lend any guidance to this? I feel like I should not make a new ticket but I feel like 15 hours is ample time considering I was one of the first to submit a ticket to support following the forum post from Hime. Thank you for all the help -Buddy
  13. Assassin Inspiration

    Look unto yourself, Cricket. A true master inside, you will find.
  14. Welcome to Que & Soul

    Hmmmmm girl tell me about them dope internals