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  1. Force Master Skill change request.

    While running through Yunsang over and over and thought.. I am using [1-Impact] for blocking. [1-Shock Fire] sucks, there is no point on using it. Now i tried it a few times and realized that i can use [Z-Cold Snap]-[X-Snowball]-[1-Shock Fire] very fast. I can use [X-Snowball] again just before or right when [Z-Cold Snap] ends. I was wondering if the next patch would change [1-Shock Fire] to 8 seconds cooldown or make [Z-Cold Snap] 11 seconds long instead of 10. It seems to me that it was intended to be like that, but the cooldown of [1-Shock Fire] and duration of [Z-Cold Snap] don't add up to make it work like 1/5 of the time. I prefer to reduce the cooldown of [1-Shock Fire] from 9 to 8 and make [X-Snow Ball] projectile 50% faster. Maybe add the 50% speed to the Transcendence Soul Badge. Would raise the popularity of the badge and perhaps give it actually a proper use now.
  2. Awful framerate & long loading screens

    Xeon is a server cpu, not for gaming. The game also doesn't care about your gpu. BnS requires a powerful single core performance that runs at 3-4+Ghz for actually acceptable performance. Also, the game is horribly optimized. You can paste the full game on the unity engine and it runs better.