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  1. Bai Bai

    Since i see everyone making topics about quitting, here i am, making my own :p I wont start saying why i quit since nobody cares and the reasons might sound kinda stupid. Anyways... I cant mail my stuff(because restrictions) but i will put everything that i can sell on the marketplace for 1 copper, and also delete all the chars, to free up the names. Have fun guys :) Im on Windrest-EU, so check that marketplace for some cheap soulstones :D
  2. Can you please do something about the *cricket*ing lag in arena? Its beyond annoying. I see that you put costumes and shit in CS but please do something about these shit servers. Thanks! When im waiting for the match to start everything is smooth, as soon as match starts, the game freezes for like 2-3 sec, and ofc i lost 50% of my hp, a few sec later, same crap.
  3. Server Down?

    Piece of shit servers...
  4. I can see them on the minimap but when i go there there are no nodes or i just cant gather them :(
  5. [EU][Myo] Big latencies and freeze on arena

    Same here, the lag is horrible