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  1. New way of abusing Looting system

    sometimes people get the looting confused to, so dont mistake someone for abuse when you do something like adders nest for example and the boss only drops a common potion, because there is no rolling on green or lesser items, some ppl might think its a ninja when there is just simply no bid option set for thos items, its confused me a bit but i figured it out over time. but yes there is still thos ppl that set it so only they get the items or they set it so you have to bid really high to get an item.
  2. New way of abusing Looting system

    I say make the looting pure RNG like other mmos did and everyone just has to have good luck rolls, if people are going to abuse this then make it a traditional rolling rng system
  3. Abuse of pvp clothes.

    I feel what the OP is saying, I have no problem losing in pvp or even giving away free ganks because i like the outfit, but when your camped and there standing on top of me like im some kind of a huge threat well there low as scum for camping a person 35 levels under them, and yes i do believe its called grief killing when they do that and its against the rules. when other players defend grief killing it shows who you actually are btw, griefers are honorless low scum that has no feelings for others playing expirence. just sayin... and defending these people is wrong. but what comes around goes around.
  4. You have exceeded the purchase limit of NCoin???

    find a website thats selling the Ncoin cards digitally then bam your gtg, the cards also give you extra loot like soulshards and such i think mwahaha lol atlest I got them when I payed for 40 USD worth and added the codes
  5. what type of music do you play while on B&S?

    Awesome you play that too? would have never thought. we should get together sometime and have a match take it easy on me tho
  6. what type of music do you play while on B&S?

    anything that can get me pumped up is usually what I like for gaming or sports, any physical to mental pump is good for me. its got to be high energy, i like the old killer instinct killer cuts sound track myself and some of the new ones
  7. maintenance?

    yes there is maintenanc, when I just tryed to login I was given a message saying exactly that.
  8. Gold Spammers Everywhere

  9. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    worst spam I ever seen no exaggeration
  10. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    NCsoft you guys need to hop on to poharan faction chat asap, Its flooded so bad no one can communicate and everyone frustrated its really out of control
  11. Premium Members - Question for you...

    imo premium is not a bad thing to have if your able, if not its understandable. but it dont fix queue time on some server, like for poharan at 1500 I was waiting 50min lastnight
  12. FPS Problem? This may help you! (Fixed)

    run > device manager > display adaptor
  13. FPS Problem? This may help you! (Fixed)

    I want to know also, im using AMD with crimson radeon settings control panal
  14. Things I Wish I Knew Before

    Animation Canceling for destoyer with weaving LMB and RMB, Practice this if your a destoyer fan. It is a MUST DO thing to learn unless your ping is to high, yet some still succeed with high ping so PRACTICE it, MASTER it and become the beast your destoyer is meant to be. tutoriel video
  15. Biggest fail ever at start new game.

    I like the one BnS cn used, its random everytime, they send you a new pin each time you login over an app, kinda like others games authenticater