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  1. Don't know why you guys have this issue. Could send before and can send now (never charged NC)
  2. How many expansions i need to max it?
  3. Depends what you like and dislike doing. If you like PvP go 5 asura and 3 from Tower of Infinity to reduce crit damage received If you like PvE go 5 asura and 3 Be Ido to maximize crit As an assassin you should fuse your should sheild with crit. If you are poor fuse with crit from a world boss in silverfrost where it snows (do not remember the name of the area) If rich fuse with epic should shields which have crit on it usually those are #8 soul shields Talking about new dungeons NCSOFT said that if you can do Nexus you shouldn't have problems
  4. Basically you are one of those people who think that NCSOFT creates content and fixes bugs, wrong. Everything is done by BnS developers who are in Korea/Japan or whatever, everything NCSOFT can do is to send them reports and hope that the developers review it. Conclusion: If you do not enjoy it, uninstall the game and stop crying on the forums or continue playing and appreciate that you have the possibily to do so.
  5. If BnS is a fail project then uninstall the game and stop complaining on the forums....
  6. Greeting all, In the newsletter it was said that all will receive a costume, what kind of costume were they talking about or it is the same costume what was given even before the newsletter rewards?
  7. Hanzō

    Dot Glitch

    Just type in youtube Dead / Stuck Pixel Screen Fix open one of any videos and it will fix it (at least it did for me and few of my friends) https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Dead+%2F+Stuck+Pixel+Screen+Fix
  8. i just lol that every person on the forum knows everything about the game. Do not tell lies that people leave when you see your weap, i was doing yeti with randoms with infernal weapon, people in this game are understanding and helpful.....
  9. After finishing Cinderlands or maybe earlier in the main city in the desert look for a quest called "The Lost Company" after taking it the daily should be available.
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