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  1. Edit: Update; now it says I have registered - so maybe one of the other times went through without me getting any message.
  2. Still not working. I tried 24 hours ago as well. No change.
  3. Noooooooo! I finally plan ahead and bought the outfit, because I wanted that dwagon on my shoulders. And its not there.... why lord, why???? /WAAAAAAA
  4. When the game first came out in the west, it cleverly allowed "solo" play in open 24 man raid zones. You didnt have to group up is what I meant and you still got the feeling of socialising with others but without the toxicity you find in F8. I mean, you just kinda played with everyone else, in groups or not, but you still had the ability to progress your gear and your ss, and socialise with other players. It wasnt all dungeon play. I remember getting true Pirate without really feeling like it was a grind. There was also that pvp area in the woods with the dragon. That too was just enormously i
  5. Could you make it so there is some option to purchase something, with that failed soul upgrade. I cant see anything I can use it for if I fail my last chance to upgrade it. That means not only will it just be "failure" - but I cant even purchase anything with it. Doesnt that seem dumb? After failing numerous times, it might have been nice if you'd give me the option to trade it in for something, but now Im locked into this end stage soul, and not getting a success is such a bummer, I would have liked to see the option to translating all those oils into something from the shop when all else fai
  6. So I have had a round with only rolls of 1 and 2. And I rolled 1 all of 9 times tho not all in a row. I remember commenting in faction chat that the odds for that must be very low, but if the die is fixed so that there is a higher chance of rolling 1 than a 1 through 6 would suggest, then all bets are off. My better half had a round where he rolled only 1s and 2s as well, but way more 1s than me. I finished another round before he got through his first one. I dont mind rolling a lot of 1s, because then I get all the rewards I want, I do mind rolling all 1s for
  7. Wildfire is my favorite, but grand phoenix hair is very pretty
  8. Howdy! So Im back from taking a break back in 2016, and just starting to sort all the changes out for my main character. Thats when I notice she is in the cerulean order, which is fine by me, but when I quitted in 2016 we could still kill dwagons and do faction ow quests for prestige. I have been reading around that I might be all alone in the world of blue, and so now what? Is is just tough titties Im stuck in the cerulean order unable to really get to do anything pvp oriented in the ow without being a rare spawn and completely overwhelmed by red players? Should I change faction?
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