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  1. it's expensive on TW (and probably on JP too)! dunno if it's worthy coz aside from it's a 3 piece costume set and weapon skin, there's additional pet skin, qinggong effect (30days), name color and crest (30days). maybe that pet skin is real expensive? coz i remember the previous 3 piece costume (w/ weapon skin and freebies) is around 1000nc and those 2 piece costume (w/ weapon skin and freebies) is 850nc. now it's 1680nc. anyway, NA/EU celebrates Lunar New Year in real life? if not, then you better start praying hard NCWest release those costumes.
  2. what are you people talking about? what inappropriate? JP and TW got gunwon city first then black skyscraper. and also, NA/EU dont even know the word appropriate. who knows? NA/EU might do more "inappropriate" timeline about gunwon, black skyscraper and levels. o.o
  3. you dont like everything about yun. then why did you even choose yun? you cant use the "i have no choice" reasoning coz yun dont have locked class like jin (assassin), gon (destroyer) and lyn (bladedancer and summoner). aside from that, there's race changer scroll we can use. oh i see! OP is just trolling. :)
  4. wow! the rush mode is real! so does that means there will be no ethereal battleground? the update is only for the new region map (and treasure room), white frog 24man (weekly) and hell furnace. black tower is not yet available, will be added in the future after gunwon city and naryu sanctum.
  5. isnt it you're one of those always have the motto "ping doesnt matter" months ago? i noticed you started to worry about your ping around 1 or 2 months ago. anyway, back to topic. high ping players and/or slowhand players usually remain at 6man and rarely step on 4man unless super overgeared or there are taxi drivers that can carry or friends willing to be on same pace. if you really want to compete or on same pace with low pings and/or fasthand players, then you should know what to do. be one of the top cashier or be a hardcore gold farmer to overgear yourself.
  6. >..> your RNG is really that bad? >..> wonder how are others RNG too. i only did 2 run of MSP at my NA server since yesterday. and i already got moon 1, 3 and two 4 soulshields from stage1-4. also cleared the mites dailies twice which is a problem from other thread. anyway, back to topic. imo, moon soulshield is not highly recommended for newbie or lower level players. but i recommend it as alternate for asura.
  7. moonlight is bit better than asura but bit lower than ebondrake for both stats and set bonus. months ago, during MSP's early days at TW, i met someone that encouraging few of his newbie friends to better camp at MSP for grass/flowers and use the purple MSP bopae. he said it will be changed to LG soon, so better use asura as "green crystal mats" than wear it. well, he got a point. xD and w/o me noticing, my HM4 alt that only do daily MSP got complete moon bopae, havent tried entering asura using this char and only wore scrap yeti/scorpion set before. :P curren
  8. until now i still think it's weird, very weird, to translate chi into focus. soul energy is kinda ok but they are different. but soul is focus? pffft anyway, i dont mind the name Soul Gunner coz from the teaser, he used his chi for ammu. Sniper, Sharphooter, Marksman, Gunman, Mercenary, Gunner. what else? @.@ one thing im sure, I AM READY! be it underclass or overpowered class, i dont care coz i have been waiting gunner or archer since day1 i started playing this game. xD
  9. im also at the english populated server at TW. i might have missed those groups you mentioned, probably im at f8/f9 or already logged out. but if you look up closely during normal days, most of the time, those looking for daily midnight plains pt are in same group or party. ;)
  10. like the guy above me said, it depends on the server you're on. i barely logged in the game lately but it's noticeable what faction is dominating. at my server at NA (sorry i forgot what is the name of my server), blue dominates SSP and misty. it got balanced population but blue is more active in farming faction stuffs. while at my server at TW, red dominates at everything.
  11. i half agree to few here that said it takes too long to have legendary ss, but it's not 2months, maybe 2-3wks for the first 3 pieces of LG ss. but if they mean is just do daily and until stage3 only, then yeah, they will take forever. honestly, it depends on how dedicated the player to get LG ss. if he badly wants it too fast, then go farm it 24/7 until stage4, better if can clear stage5 and 6. we can use alts to farm too. you sure? i dont know about CN and KR as i dont know anyone there anymore (they already quit the game due to different reasons). but JP and TW, this
  12. the game is dying that even at KR that is p2p server is going to f2p to gather more players. it happened at JP before and now it's happening at KR again. oops! white knights incoming! tbh, the gearing system became more easier (again). farming mats are also easier (again). there are few events (is there currently have events?) that can help even newbies to catchup. tbh, the current game spoils players until the part where we can call ourselves as averagely geared players. and in fact, getting LG pve soulshields is easy but tiring. just collect grass/flower and use it to buy SS
  13. if im at my main region, it will be easy for me as i have funds and resources to gear another one, just that i need to be real serious to make it as my main, or else it will be like my other alts that are just using random sets coz im lazy and got no mood to play them. besides, community there is not harsh in terms of stat requirements. and eventho most of the main community there are avoiding western names or foreigner players, they are more friendlier and believe at skills and mechanics /strategies. :3 but if im here at west region (NA), i will probably be contented with the
  14. even tho i expected it's gun class already, i still felt disappointed coz it's not archer. but sure! if im still not "bored" or felt too pressured at this game, im gonna change my main for real coz i really prefer playing gunner or archer class than mage or summoners type (FM, WL and sum). :D
  15. Korean Version (plaync) English Version https://www.twitch.tv/ogn ognglobal is streaming other game atm. but tomorrow it will be back to ognglobal that is linked by OP. edit: sorry for posting late. was busy watching live and not lurking forum. :D
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