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  1. New launcher

    well the new launcher made me delete my old launcher and bns so now i cant even install the new launcher from the download page cause it ask me to run nc launcher which i dont have anymore, so basically any new players can't download the game cause the download page doesnt work
  2. same thing happening to me i ge tthe same error :(
  3. Unpack received items

    the same thing has happened to me i sent a ticket i hope this gets sorted out ;/ i want my SUMMER BEACH OUTFIT !!!!!!!! QQ
  4. Post your lucky moments

    I had one more merry potters drop but i forgot to take a picture, but as you can see this is LUCK. and now i am rich ;o
  5. So true..OP I did find away around this my self not sure if people know this or not. You can have nice looking graphics and still use combat optimisation, however you do need a GeForce card for this to work. First put the game in optimisation mode then exit Second open up GeForce Experience click on Blade & Soul then click optimisation ( basically what happens GeForce experience edits the ini file) Once this has been done you will have nice looking graphics while been in optimise mode. For example you will have shadows enable ,FXAA ,cross filter and ambient occlusion. The sliders will still be grey out but all of them will be on 5 depending on your graphics card. Some stuff are still the same as you would expect for beening optimisation mode , like the fidelity of the characters and the skill effects. side note : if you got a powerful graphics card try playing the game between 2k and 4K using DSR this gave me a little fps boost as my graphics card was been utilised more. I had the same problem in another game that had bad optimisation called naruto storm 3 if I play this game in 1080p I would get fps drops and some stuttering but when I crank it up to 3k solid fps not one fps drop lol. Specs i7 4790k 4.4GHZ 16GB DDR3 2000MHZ Geforce 980 @1340MHZ HDD 1TB