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  1. so dumb that they made the old badges 'shadow and ice' as in old TD badge = ice and old SB badge = shadow now
  2. Time to add bugged WL badge exchange to the list of things that have to be fixed
  3. When I am lower gear than the requirement asked I just pm before joining, showing that I understand I dont meet what they are asking for and I know what to do in the dungeon. More often than not they are fine with it.
  4. I would love to be able to marry my boyfriend roxor, hes so cute ;3 https://ibb.co/kukfNG
  5. The hits required is extremely low for credits and currently there isnt a special chest in basin. I assume they will put in it regular chest and dont add a special chest. similar to BBBB.
  6. You could have farmed it before you got your draken bracelet for weeks... (even if you did daily quest there) Why start once you need it and complain that you dont get in instantly.
  7. I just want to clear up S 10/11/12 -> raven does not reset your slots , you keep what you have/gain slots. and how big is the lose of 3 gemslots really? 12ap + some really minor effects.
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