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  1. so dumb that they made the old badges 'shadow and ice' as in old TD badge = ice and old SB badge = shadow now
  2. Time to add bugged WL badge exchange to the list of things that have to be fixed
  3. When I am lower gear than the requirement asked I just pm before joining, showing that I understand I dont meet what they are asking for and I know what to do in the dungeon. More often than not they are fine with it.
  4. I would love to be able to marry my boyfriend roxor, hes so cute ;3 https://ibb.co/kukfNG
  5. The hits required is extremely low for credits and currently there isnt a special chest in basin. I assume they will put in it regular chest and dont add a special chest. similar to BBBB.
  6. You could have farmed it before you got your draken bracelet for weeks... (even if you did daily quest there) Why start once you need it and complain that you dont get in instantly.
  7. Remember most skills were weaker because of bugs (like SF just had)
  8. Also in 6v6 every player could use it, now only the WL ranks in solo content are infected, as well as group pvp (3v3/6v6). But i expect 3v3 and 6v6 to fix themselves with the -60 fiesta it is currently. :)
  9. If something doesnt work as intended, refunds/rerolls are to be expected, already forgot trove? In this case reseting ranks makes sense, since people get better times then possible with our nerfed SB. Which, after the fix, keeps them at the top untill we get new gear. This will grant them the weekly rewards which become 'unobtainable' by other, similar geared players, since they have to climb with normal SB. I expect them to fix it after maint, letting those who used it get weekly reward, then reset (all) WL ladders.
  10. Might as well ban every WL then. Most WL's also do ToI daily (for sure now with the tokens) and they can 'abuse' SB there too. Good thing ranking is class-based. But i think a reroll of all warlock ranks is in place after the (hot)fix.
  11. I just want to clear up S 10/11/12 -> raven does not reset your slots , you keep what you have/gain slots. and how big is the lose of 3 gemslots really? 12ap + some really minor effects.
  12. How can having multiple sins (or sums) get rid of the party debuff for groupstealth? lel :3
  13. This new dungeon is too hard, we out dpsed boss so our groupstealh didnt work. How can they make content so hard that our dps is too high.... I really hope they will nerf this dungeon. Like with our DPS we really deserve the ring. NCsoft can you help us?
  14. Hi I have noticed that the Whirlwind Tokens are really overpriced in terms of value. I will use the offals (Silence Darkness and Lumicance) as an example here. So you are premium and want to farm the Offals in 6 v 6, In this example we will be using bravery only in the dragon express tab and bravery in combination with Whirlwind Tokens. If you buy the offals with bravery, each bravery is 400 Battlepoints. Silence and Darkness need 90, Luminance needs 25, So 400 x 90 + 400 x 90 + 400 x 35 = 36.000 + 36.000 + 10.000 Battlepoints = 86.000 total battlepoints.
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