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  1. I honestly can't believe anyone in their right mind will ever go the Oath path. After literally hundreds of threads on the subject here, on the Dojo, on Reddit, countless explanations why the old path is pretty much superior, someone will actually go the new path. And it's not the price that is the problem, although it can be considering that you got stuck on the new path which requires a lot more from the new content materials. Didn't you see that you don't get skill bonus on the Oath weapon? Didn't you see that it levels up the further you upgrade while Siren/Pirate stay on 45? I have to sec
  2. Old path, no brainer. The new one will cost you more new mats which are going to be expensive. The only thing you get is 5 AP more at the last stage (Awakened Breeze) but you lose the % to skill bonus. In addition the requirement level up e.g. 46, 47... 50 lvl while Pirate is 45 and then you're ready for True Breeze. Forget the new path, it's absolutely pointless and useless.
  3. That's what you would expect from a 8 year old game... Really great example. /s (no, not really)
  4. Um, yea. The charts were pretty accurate so far. One thing you're right tho. The prices were obviously not the same. It was more expensive on EU/NA since we don't have steady economy running for years. So my bet goes to prices being higher here than on the asian servers on release. My guess is that this is your first NCSoft game?
  5. Except that most people here forget (or simply don't know) that the new path will require tons of mats from the new content. Some of them - hundreds. And some of them - non tradable. And some of them - drop from lvl 50 new dungeons where you will have to bid with others (and still need hundreds of them). And the breakthrough weapons are all from the new content so get ready to make hundreds of runs there too. And I wish you good luck finding groups for the 50 content with 350-370 AP considering that the majority even now don't want you in *cricket* poor easy dungeons like BSH with less than 40
  6. I take it that you don't play arena... at all? If you do, you will be kinda pissed if you play more than half the time against bots until 1800-1900. Then you will play... against bots a bit less. My personal record is 20 consecutive games - 12 vs bots. Best. PvP. Ever? Alrite, you may not care about PvP at all. In which case you should be pissed even more. Why do you think they're infesting the arena? To get soulstones. Which later they sell on the market. And whether you know it or not - you are buying soulstones mostly from bots. Which destroys the economy since they keep bringin
  7. When your internet looks like this but you got to be an annoying prick on the forumz. Hey, look! I can post random images too! Because no one ever had lag issues in BnS, amirite? /s
  8. Oh, so it's not me only... 10 mins ago the game became unplayable. Insane lag spikes, total freeze, disconnects. And it keeps getting worse.
  9. Other than KFM, destroyer is probably the next most latency dependent class. Destroyer without ani-cancel is the worst dps and chi management in the game and other than the ani-cancel, the only thing left for destroyer is very long CDs and not many other damaging skills (which are also on very long CDs). Good luck ani-canceling, iframes and stunlocking with high latency. Sure, you may do the scummy thing and write a macro for Logitech/Razer or any other 3rd party programs. But good luck doing that if your latency is unstable (e.g. jumping constantly from 200-300-350-200-300 etc.) in which case
  10. Yep, same thing happened to me last night - master looter and the merry potter dropped... I usually run dungeons with a bunch of friends, most of the time solo since I come back home late at night. For some idiotic reason last night I wanted to finish faster so I F8. Never doing this mistake again. Good job encouraging party play, NCsoft...
  11. It was a bit better yesterday in the dungeons. So I was happy and decided to finally start the PvP season. 8 wins, some loses, "Keep going, next one will be better, next one, next one... 12 loses later, keyboard to the wall, went to bed. Arena was absolutely unplayable, reaching to 500ms...
  12. I had the same issue couple of days ago. After a day of tedious talks with their support, finally someone with brains contacted me with a solution. Don't know if this will help you but in my case... it was the browser. More specifically 64 bit Chrome and 64 bit Waterfox seem to block something they use for checking the payment process. I had to use 32 bit Internet Explorer and I was able to purchase NCoins.
  13. No need to get cranky, just trying to help. Obviously your accessories are huge problem. As for the burning build, here: http://www.bladeandsouldojo.com/topic/147960-recommended-build-pve/
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