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  1. Hello everyone, I'm very close to reaching level 55 on my Destroyer. I would like to know what are some of the first things I should do once I reach level cap. If anyone has any tips or information of where to begin, I'd really appreciate it! I would really like to do both PVE and PVP. Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone, I recently decided to try Blade and Soul again. I played it when the game first came out and mostly stopped playing do to the download client never being able to download any game patches with download speeds always dropping to zero. (Tried contacting support and my ISP a trillion times with no solution, still have this issue today, so I had to download the game elsewhere. I can download every other game just fine, its just B&S). Anyhow, I wanted to know what I should be starting off with gear wise? Are the Hongmoon gears you get in the beginning still being used as the weapon of choice now? I know before we had to consistently upgrade them til end game. Also, are there any other tips that anyone may recommend that may benefit me? I never got too into the game because of the download issues, but I'm hoping now I'll be able to play some.
  3. Frame drops

    Hi everyone, I just returned to the game a few days ago after about a year of inactivity, and I noticed that there still seems to be massive frame drops with my system despite having pretty decent specs. I read in the past that it was a problem with AMD graphics cards specifically and Blade and Soul. Is there any fix to this yet or any way to fix the drops? I run at about 45-60 FPS, and can drop to as low as 11 frames in areas like Jadestone Village, or just killing area bosses when people are around. These are my comp details Intel Core i-7 4790k 8 gigs ram AMD R9 390 gpu And I forgot the SSD but it is a good one, and my load times are very fast.
  4. I logged into my account and got the Returning Hero package, but I won't be able to open it until I get home later today. But thanks! :D
  5. Well my issue wasn't solved by any means, but it finally finished downloading after 3 days....Hoping to still have the issue fixed, but at this point I'm just happy that I can play..
  6. I wouldn't have a problem if they would just follow up on my support ticket, its like they completely ignore what was said/requested by them in their previous email and move on to the next topic. They asked me for a screen shot of my port forwarding screen so they could help me open the ports, in which I did send to them. And then the next email was from a different support agent and said "Try turning off or disabling your firewall and see if that works." After I had already went through this with another agent in one of the first emails I received from them. I then replied and asked what about the port forwarding that they requested and I was told "since the port forwarding did not work, I offered alternative solutions such as disabling the firewall". When I haven't/they haven't followed through the port forwarding at all yet...
  7. Hi everyone, so I have been in contact with Blade and Soul support now for 2 days as to why my launcher will not keep up the download speed and keeps dropping to zero every few minutes, which has kept me from being able to play the game. I eventually did a scan and they told me that I have tremendous packet loss which only my ISP can fix. But I have already talked to my ISP and they said the problem isn't on their end, which I believe since I only have this problem with Blade and Soul. I am able to download and update any other game files, at any size. Only Blade and Soul is giving me this issue and support has told me that they cannot fix it basically...What else is there for me to do now?...Can anyone help me out?
  8. Wtfast is stuck on establishing a connection and doesn't move. I have tried both automatic and manual server selection.
  9. Hi guys, I wanted to know how big the update is. I have been wanting to return to Blade and Soul and have been updating for over 24 hours now because of an issue where the launcher download speed continuously drops to zero. I have already contacted support and they have been unable to find any reason to why this is happening. I even tried downloading and installing the game on a computer that has never had it and even used a different ISP and it still does the EXACT same thing. Download speed starts fine and then just drops to zero over time and will start back up whenever it wants to or not at all until I reopen the launcher. I was on the last 1 gig of updating and was FINALLY going to be able to play but then the update was just released.....
  10. Old player comming back

    A new update just came out changing a lot of stuff that is good for new players I've heard! It just released today! Also I have heard its better to switch to Mushin Group 1 or something like that for population.
  11. Worth coming back to?

    Hi everyone, I had played Blade and Soul about a year ago but quit mostly because of bots and my server had gotten a really low population. I have always wanted to try the game out again but two big issues are stopping me. The first issue is, I hear from some people that this game is still dying, and the population is pretty low, and its hard to start a new character and find parties. How true is this and if it is true, which server can I go to to avoid low population? My second and biggest issue is that the game will not download. For months now, whenever I try updating, the download speed with just drop to zero frequently. So I have basically been unable to play the game even if I wanted too. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the client, and my internet connection is perfectly fine. I am able to download and update any other files/games as I please. If anyone knows of any fixes to this, I would tremendously appreciate it!!!! My download speed will start off fine and then just slowly drop to zero.
  12. Since I first started playing Blade and Soul, I have always had trouble downloading the game. It always loses download speed to zero. I decided to check out BnS again and again, the same issues. It starts downloading and almost immediately the speed drops to zero. I know its not on my end because I play tera/gw2 and download patches all the time without issue.
  13. Where is everyone?

    Hi all, I was just curious on the population on Poharan. I last played about two weeks ago but I stopped for a bit because everywhere I go on the server seems completely dead! With the exception of maybe 10-15 players I see standing in Jadestone Village, I never see anyone questing, or in other main areas....I'm only level 44 so maybe the areas I have been to are not so called popular spots? Or is there just no body playing on the server anymore?!
  14. New city

    Hi everyone, I just started playing again as school is almost over, I am still level 42, and still in the Cinderlands area and was wondering if there is anyway to get to the new city without having to actually walk/windstride all the way there. Like a teleport or something, thanks!
  15. Forced to PVP

    When it comes to the nitty gritty, they are not going to completely change a game because a few people, even maybe 50% of the people do not like the way the game is. They may balance things, fix issues, add content, but when it comes to actual changes such as "I want a different story ending, I want to be able to get this weapon from PVX, I want this item to be dropped from a boss instead of dungeon", They are not going to change that unless they made those changes in Korean Blade and Soul. That's why I say its kind of a "deal with it" situation. :/ If you like the game enough to pvp even though you don't like doing so, you will keep playing, if you don't, you will simply move to another game.
  16. Forced to PVP

    PK and PVP is the best kind of MMO :) <3
  17. Forced to PVP

    True to an extent, I can't finish/see the story unless I PVE. I also can't get windwalking skills unless I PVE. PVP is usually an option to level up, and in this game it does give you that option, but it affects your ranking, which kind of means you could/would be destroying your ranking if you tried doing PVP at low levels with a few skills. I won at few matches at level 18, and got paired against a few level 45's. Sure, the levels is scaled etc, but the skill/skill points system is not, which leaves them with a lot more skills/stuns/moves and you with a little, usually leading to rank declines. I'm level 40 right now, and NOW I can level up in pvp pretty efficiently, and not destroy my ranking, but the first 30 levels or so are not so easy.
  18. Forced to PVP

    Let's put it this way, I hate questing and doing pve unless its big bosses and fancy dungeons. But I still do it anyways to get to the PVP part of the game. Its basically kinda a "deal with it" situation and won't change. Its never changed for me, I still have to quest/farm/grind to level, its just part of the game.
  19. Multi Account, allowed or not

    I have never ever ever ever ever seen a game that doesn't allow multiple accounts .-.
  20. Lagging 2/15/2016

    Today I keep getting frame skips/drops, and disconnected from server once. Not sure if its just me or server, but I normally don't have issues like this.
  21. New class

    Because this game came out just a month ago. Warlock was not released with the original release of Korean Blade and Soul either.
  22. Fps Issues with AMD, Please help

    Its seriously not hate, I've been an AMD user all my life and I still think their products are very decent, especially graphics card. But it is actual fact that Unreal Engine 3 and 4 are optimized for Intel performance rather than AMD. :/ I had/have an AMD 8350FX and an AMD R9 390 and would drop to 9 frames. Changed the processor to an i7 and the lowest I drop too is 25-35 frames with high population/max settings/combat. :/
  23. Fps Issues with AMD, Please help

    Me? :0 I wasn't sure if an AMD gpu also effects it as well. Or were u referring to original post?
  24. Fps Issues with AMD, Please help

    Let's put it this way. I bought a new AMD fx 8350 8 core processor about a month ago. Now I have an Intel core i-7 4790k. The game does indeed favor intel as it uses Unreal Engine 3/4, which is known to have always struggled with AMD. Many MMORPGs use this engine and its a known issue. With an AMD 8350 FX and AMD R9 390 GPU, if I was in a party or fighting a boss with more than 2 other people, my frames would drop all the way down to 9-15 frames. Idle or questing alone, I would get about 70-80 frames. That was then. Now: I have an intel core i7 4790k with and AMD R9 390, max settings. In parties or groups of 10-15 people the lowest frames I drop to is 20, but its rare. I have consistent frames of 25-35 frames in large groups. Idle or questing alone, I get 90-120 frames. In cities or towns I get now 50-60 frames, compared to 22-25 frames on the AMD processor. I was hoping for a little higher frames in large scale combat with the i7, but hell, its WAY better than getting 9 frames. If I want any better frames, I have to wait for them to input more optimizations for the game. They did some optimization and performance improvements on the last patch, so hopefully it will only keep improving over time.